Birth: 26 October 1822

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Hastings, Sussex

Baptism: 28 October 1822

Place of Baptism: All Saints, Hastings, Sussex

Death: 26 August 1860

Place or Registered Place of Death: Hampton Court Palace, Middlesex

Father: Miles John Stapleton

Mother: Anne Byam Kerby

Spouse(s): Catesby Paget

Date of Marriage: 23 October 1851

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. George's, Hanover Square, Middlesex


Anne Ruth Paget (1852-1903)
Miles Paget (1854-1886)
Rachel Maria Paget (1858-1940)
Adelaide Stapleton Paget (1860-1914)


Grace & Favour
A handbook of who lived where in Hampton Court Palace
1750 to 1950
Sarah E Parker
Miss Adelaide Stapleton. Afterwards Mrs. Catesby Paget: 7 July 1835
Adelaide (d 1860), daughter of the foregoing. At the 1851 census, Adelaide was living in the apartment with her younger sister, an older female companion and four female servants. A few months later she married Capt Catesby Paget, son of the Hon Berkeley Paget (1780–1842) (see Apt 27 and the Haunted Gallery Lodgings). In 1852 she was given permission to increase the number of bedrooms by converting the pantry into a ‘sleeping room’. On 18 August 1860 the Prince of Wales’s apartments were closed to the public due to ‘Mrs Paget’s illness’; she died later that year.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 209 - 1860
August 26
At Hampton Court Palace, Mrs. Catesby Paget.

Adelaide Stapleton