Birth: 1838 - September Quarter

Place or Registered Place of Birth: East Walton, Norfolk

Baptism: 9 September 1838

Place of Baptism: East Walton, Norfolk

Death: 1915 - September Quarter

Place or Registered Place of Death: Lichfield, Staffordshire

Father: Rev. Salisbury Everard (1809-1895)

Mother: Charlotte Chester (1812-1889)

Spouse(s): John Thomas Jeffcock

Date of Marriage: May 1861

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Swaffham, Norfolk


Alice Catherine Howard Jeffcock (1863-1934)
Greville Edward Jeffcock (1864-1871)
William Parkin Jeffcock (1865-)
Hilda Mary Jeffcock (1867-)
Madeline Everard Jeffcock (1869-)
Helena Louisa Jeffcock (1870-)
Charles Augustine C. Jeffcock (1872-1936)
Francis John C. Jeffcock (1876-)
Robert Salisbury Jeffcock (1878-)


National Archives
24 May, 1861
The Rev. John Thomas Jeffcock of Swaffham, Norfolk clerk, son of John Jeffcock of Cowley, Yorkshire, and Alicia Ann Everard, daughter of the Rev. Salisbury Everard, Vicar of Swaffham.

Baptism Record

County Norfolk
Place East Walton
RegisterNumber 180
BaptismDate 09 Sep 1838
Forename Alicia Ann
Sex F
FatherForename Salisbury
MotherForename Charlotte
FatherSurname EVERARD
Abode East Walton
FatherOccupation Clerk M. A.
FileNumber 1459


1841 Census:

Findon Street, Findon, Sussex
Salisbury Everard - 30 - 1811
Charlotte Everard - 25 - 1816
Charlotte Everard - 4 - 1837
Alicia Ann Everard - 2 - 1839
Edward Everard - 1 - 1840

1851 Census:

Vicarage, Swaffham, Norfolk
Salisbury Everard - Head - Married - 42 - 1809 - Vicar of Swaffham - Lynn, Norfolk
Charlotte Everard - Wife - 38 - 1813 - Dunton, Norfolk
Charlotte Ely Everard - Daughter - 13 - 1838 - Scholar at Home - Great Walton, Norfolk
Alicia Ann Everard - Daughter - 12 - 1839 - Scholar at Home - Great Walton, Norfolk
Fanny Mabella Everard - Daughter - 7 - 1844 - Scholar at Home - Findon, Sussex
Greville Salisbury Everard - Son - 6 - 1845 - Scholar at Home - Findon, Sussex
Charles Walter Everard - Son - 4 - 1847 - Swaffham, Norfolk
Mary Everard - Daughter - 3 - 1848 - Swaffham, Norfolk
Robert B.C. Everard - Son - 1 - 1850 - Swaffham, Norfolk
Scarlet Everard - Father - Widower - 77 - 1774 - Retired Merchant - Lynn, Norfolk

1891 Census:

Rectory, Mellis Road, Burgate, Suffolk
Salisbury Everard - Head - Widower - 82 - 1809 - Rector - Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Charlotte E. Everard - Daughter - Single - 54 - 1837 - East Walton, Norfolk
Alicia A. Jeffcock - Daughter - Married - 53 - 1838 - East Walton, Norfolk

1911 Census:

The Russett, Rothamstead Avenue, St. Albans, Hertfordshire
Alicia Anne Jeffcock - Head - Widow - 72 - 1839 - Walton, Norfolk


The Rev. Salisbury Everard was born at Kings Lynn in Norfolk about 1809 and died during the March quarter of 1895, aged 86, at Hartismere in Suffolk.

Charlotte Chester was born at Denton, Norwich in Norfolk on 29 November 1812 and she was baptised there on 5 March 1813. Charlotte died during the September quarter of 1889, aged 76, at Hartismere in Suffolk.

The Rev. Salisbury Everard and Charlotte Chester were married about 1836.

A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry - Sir Bernard Burke - 1858

Scarlett Everard of King's Lynn, m. Ann, dau. of Richard Salisbury, Esq. of Lancaster (descended from a common ancestor with the very ancient family of Salusbury of Lleweny), and sister of Grace, the wife of Thos. Philip Bagge, Esq. of Stradsett, father of William Bagge, Esq., M.P. for Norfolk, and by her (who d. 11 Jane, 1827) had,

1 Edward-Browne Everard, in holy orders, rector of Burnham Thorpe, m. Sophia, dau. of Thomas-Coxhead Marsh, Esq. of Gaynes Park, Essex, and has issue.

2 Salisbury Everard, in holy orders, vicar of Swaffham, m. Charlotte, dau. of the Rev. William Chester (nephew of the first Lord Bagot), by the Hon. Elizabeth Wilson his wife, dau. of Henry, late Lord Bemers, and has issue.

3 Walling Everard, captain in the army, late of the 60th rifles, and now gentleman of the bedchamber and assistant private secretary to H.E. the Earl of Carlisle, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

The Rev. Salisbury Everard was the Canon of Norwich Cathedral in 1863, vicar of Swaffham and rector of Threxton and Burgate. Salisbury Everard and Charlotte Chester had five sons and four daughters. From 1834-1837, Salisbury had been the vicar of Crosby Ravensworth in Findon, West Sussex.

Oxford Alumni
Everard, Salisbury, 2s. .Scarlett, of King's Lynn, Norfolk, arm. Balliol Coll., matric 21 April, 1828, aged 19 ; B.A. 1831, M.A. 1835, hon. canon of Norwich, 1863, vicar of Swaffham and rector of Threxton, Norfolk, 1844-71, rector of Burgate 1881.

William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845
Swaffham is a handsome and thriving market-town, and the principal place of election of knights of the shire for the western division of Norfolk. It gives name to a large Union, and is situated 15 miles E.S.E. of Lynn, 27 miles W. of Norwich, and 93 miles N.N.E. of London; and holds a pleasant and highly salubrious situation on the crown of a lofty eminence, whose gradually swelling acclivities, for a circuit of nearly two miles, are occupied by fertile and well-wooded enclosures, but encompassed by an extensive tract of open heath (more than 10,000 acres,) in this and the surrounding parishes. If carried into effect, the proposed Railway from Lynn to East Dereham will pass near the town.

The vicarage valued in the King's Book at £14.8s.10d., and in 1831, at £808, with the rectory of Threxton annexed to it, is in the patronage of the Bishop of Norwich, and incumbency of the Rev. Salisbury Everard. The tithes of Swaffham parish were commuted in 1840, for the yearly rents of £564.15s.3d., to the vicar; and £1159.10s. to the Dean and Chapter of St. Peter's, Westminster, the appropriators of the rectory.

Rev. Salisbury Everard, vicar of Swaffenham, Norfolk, whose wife, Charlotte Chester (daughter of the Rev. William Chester - nephew of the first Lord Bagot & Elizabeth Wilson) was a niece of Henry Wilson, eleventh Baron Berners (1797-1871), and of his sister, Mrs. Abbot Upcher of Sheringham, Norfolk.

The children of the Rev. Salisbury Everard and Charlotte Chester were:

Charlotte Ely Everard (1837-)
Alicia Ann Everard (1838-1915)
Edward William Ravensworth Everard (1839-1858)
Louis Everard (1841-) - See Below
Fanny Mabella Everard (1843-)
Greville Salisbury Everard (1844-1907)
Charles Walter Everard (1846-1926)
Mary Everard (1847-)
Robert Bagot Chester Everard (1850-1928)

Vancouver Island Letters of Edmund Hope Verney - 1862-1865
H.M.S. Grappler. Esquimalt.
October 13. 1862.
My dear Father,
Sitting alongside of meat this moment is a young man of the name of Everard, a great-nephew of Lord Berners: I have often heard you speak with great admiration of Lord Berners, so I thought you would like me to be civil to his great nephew: I picked him up at luncheon with the Bishop yesterday: he seems a very sensible sort of young man, really worth something: he is at present earning his living as a carpenter, and works at building wooden houses: he knows Mr. Upsher very well, who is also a great-nephew of Lord Berners: Mr. E. was for some time in the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company's service, but was obliged to leave it on account of ill health: lie is the sort of immigrant who is wanted in this colony: not to go about telling people who are their relations in England, but to settle down manfully to whatever work they can get: I hope to see more of him, and to try and get something for him.

I am trying what I can do towards establishing an "Immigrant's Home': I think I shall succeed.
If you see Kerr, tell him that Everard was at school at Radley with him: he had a brother a midshipman in the Firebrand in the Black Sea, whom I knew very well, but who has since died.

I am very glad that Aunt Fanny received my letter: there was some mistake about its not being prepaid, but I am glad that Aunt F. got it after all.

Everard was cutting up some wood for a lemonade-manufacturer a few days ago, who has a servant who came out in the Teignmouth: she was very civil to him until last Saturday when some of the passengers by the Teignmouth came to see her and indulge in a little flirtation: then she thought she would like to show off, so she turned to Everard and said "now young man, take care what you are about; you know master said you were not to drive the axe into the ground"; to which Everard replied, "oh I intend to charge him for digging his garden." lie said that was the only uncivil speech that had been addressed to him since he arrived in the colony.

Your affectionate Son, Edmund Hope Verney

This Everard must have been the son of Rev. Salisbury Everard, vicar of Swaffenham (sic), Norfolk, whose wife, Charlotte Chester was a niece of Henry Wilson, eleventh Baron Berners (1797-1871), and of his sister, Mrs. Abbot Upcher of Sheringham, Norfolk. The Salisbury Everard's eldest son was Louis (b. 1841). According to an advertisement in the "Colonist", March 9, 1863, Louis Everard was for a time in the nursery business in Victoria (B.C.)

Alicia Ann Everard

Salisbury Everard