Birth: 23 June 1829

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Great George St., Westminster, London, Middlesex

Baptism: 31 July 1829

Place of Baptism: St. Mary, St. Marylebone Rd., St. Marylebone, London, Middlesex

Death: 14 January 1909

Place or Registered Place of Death: Bath, Somerset

Father: Alexander Copland (1801c-Before 1849)

Mother: Maria Ursula Garland (1797-1870)


1. John Hanham

2. Camille Felix Désiré Caillard

Date of Marriage:

1. 11 August 1853

2. 17 August 1872

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. St. Mary's, Bryanstone Square, Middlesex

2. Bath, Somerset


Marriage to John Hanham:

John Alexander Hanham (1854-1911)
Amy Hanham (1855-1945)
Phelips Brooke Hanham (1858-1917)
Eliza Frances Hanham (1859-1926)

Marriage to Camille Felix Désiré Caillard:

Major William Maurice Copland du Quesne Caillard (1874-1955)


Amy Ursula re-married in Bath, Somerset, on the 17 August 1872 to Camille Felix Desire Caillard.

Camille Felix Desire Caillard. Died May 1st, 1898, aged 75.

Buried at Wingfield, where he lived. Born Sept. 12th, 1822, only son of Camille Timothee Caillard, nephew of the Marquis Diegode Penalver, and grandson of Jean Andre Caillard, who held distinguished office under the first French Republic, and afterwards under the Empire. Privately educated, he was called to the bar in 1845, and was appointed to the Wiltshire County Court judgeship in 1859, an office which he filled with great ability until his retirement in 1897. J.P. and D.L. for Wilts, and for some years chairman of the second Court of Quarter Sessions ; also J.P. for Somerset. He married, first, Emma Louisa, daughter of Mr. V. S. Reynolds, of Canonsgrove, Co. Somerset, who died in 1865 ; and secondly. Amy Ursula, daughter of Alexander Copland, of Wingfield, and widow of Capt. J. Hanham. Sir Vincent Caillard, late President of the Administration of the Ottoman Public Debt, is his eldest son. The Devizes Gazette, May 5th, 1898, justly speaks of his " dignified, commanding, even noble personality," and says that by his death " Wiltshire loses one of the most refined, Christian-minded gentlemen of which it has ever been her privilege to boast."


Alexander Copland was born before 1800. Alexander married Maria Ursula Garland at St. Margaret's, Westminster in Middlesex 3 May 1826. Margaret was born about 1797 at Poole in Dorset and died at Wimborne in Dorset during the September quarter of 1870, aged 73.

The Examiner, Volume 9 - 1826
On the 3d inst. Alexander, eldest son of Alexander Copland, Esq., of Gunnersbury Park, Middlesex, to Maria Ursula, youngest daughter of the late George Garland, Esq., of Stone, Wimborne, Dorset.

The Gentleman's Magazine - Volume 139 - 1826
May 3
At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Alex, eldest son of Alex. Copland, esq. of Gunnersbury Park, Middlesex, to Maria Ursula, dau. of the late Geo. Garland, esq. of Stone, Wimborne, Dorset; and sister of B. L. Lester, esq. M.P. for Poole.


Alexander's Mother:

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 188 - 1849
October 24
At Maidstone, aged 72, Lucy, widow of Alexander Copland, esq., of Gunnersbury-park, Middlesex, and Great George St. Westminster.
Lucy Copland, widow, by her will, dated the 23d of February 1846, after reciting that her husband, Alexander Copland, ... the Plaintiff, Maria Lucy Jessop, and Amy Ursula Copland, the three children of her late son, Alexander Copland, ...So Alexander had pre-deceased Lucy, his mother.

The Law Times Reports - 1862
Wednesday June 4
Jessop v. Blake
Lucy Copland, widow, by her will dated the 23rd Feb. 1846, after reciting that her husband, Alexander Copland, by his will gave three-tenths of the produce of his residuary real and personal estate to her for life, and after her death, upon such of his children or grandchildren living at her death, in such manner at she should by her will appoint; in execution of the said power appointed that the said three-tenths of the said residuary estate should, from and immediately after her own death, go and belong to the children and grandchildren of her late husband, in manner following, that is to say, in such manner that her grandchildren, Alexander Lester Copland, the plt. Maria Lucy Jessop and Amy Ursula Copland, the three children of her late son Alexander Copland, deceased, should in the first place receive the sum of 11,000l. as tenants in common; and after certain other appointments the testatrix appointed that all the unappointed parts of the said three-tenths should go in the proportion following, that is to say, two-thirds thereof to her daughter Lucy Griffiths, and the residue of such three-tenths to the said Alexander Lester Copland, the plt., and the said Amy Ursula Copland ; and the testatrix directed that, as concerning the shares thereby appointed to the plt., the same should be for her separate use, and as she should appoint by any writing, in all respects independent of any husband.

Testatrix died on the 24th Oct. 1849.

The plt, who was a grandchild of the testatrix and her husband Alexander Copland, on the 7th Sept. 1844, intermarried with John Thomas Jessop. At the date of the indenture following, she was living separate from him, by reason (as alleged) of his misconduct....

The parents of Maria Ursula Garland were George Garland and Amy Lester.


1861 Census:

5, Lansdown Place, Hove, Sussex
Maria Copland - Head - Widow - 63 - 1798 - Poole, Dorset

Amy Ursula Copland