Birth: 1739 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Not Known

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 18 May 1818 - Aged 79

Place or Registered Place of Death: Milford or Millfield, Surrey

Father: Not Known

Mother: Not Known

Spouse(s): Nicholas Bayly

Date of Marriage: 18 August 1775

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Saint Stephen Walbrook And Saint Benet Sherehog, London


General Lewis Bayly (Wallis) (1775-1848)


Anne Hunter married Sir Nicholas Bayly, 2nd Bt., son of Sir Edward Bayly, 1st Bt. and Dorothy Lambart, after 1766. She died on 18 May 1818. She died intestate and her estate was administered in November 1819.

The European Magazine, and London Review, Volumes 73-74 - 1818 - Page 451
18 May. At Milford, Lady Bayly, relict of Sir Nicholas Bayly, Bart, late of Anglesey, aged 79.

Notes and Queries
Twelfth Series. - Vol. III
January-December 1917
Sir Nicholas Bayly, who, as mentioned, married Caroline Paget (by whom he was ancestor of the present Marquis of Anglesey), was married twice. His first wife died in 1766. His second wife was Anne Hunter, who outlived her husband (he died in 1782), dying May 18, 1818, when at Millfield, Surrey, aged 79. By the second marriage Sir N. Bayly had a son who in 1796 was gazetted lieutenant-colonel of the 95th Regiment of Foot. In 1800 Albany Wallis, the solicitor and friend of D. Garrick (vide 'Garrick's Friends,' 12 S. ii. 307), died, and left practically the whole of his large estate to Lady Bayly, with reversion to her son Lieut.-Col. Lewis Bayly on condition that the latter took the surname of Wallis. I am anxious to have some details of this Lieut.-Col. Lewis (Bayly) Wallis, particularly the date of his death.

LIEUT.-COL. LEWIS (BAYLY) WALLIS (12 S. ii. 474 ; iii. 28). He took the name Wallis Sept. 17, 1800; became colonel, 1805; major-general, 1810; lieutenant-general, 1819 ; general, 1837. He was M.P. for Ilchester, 1799 to 1802 ; and died Aug. 10, 1848, aged 73. ALFRED B. BEAVEN. Leamington.

LIEUT.-COL. LEWIS (BAYLY) WALLIS (12 S. ii. 474 ; iii. 28, 74). I have pleasure in supplying the following information in answer to MR. ALECK ABRAHAMS, as, owing to the change of name, which is always a source of trouble- to inquirers, I had experienced much difficulty in identifying this personage. He was M.P. Ilchester, May, 1799, to 1802, being then styled of that place and Pall Mall. The Gentleman's Magazine, 1800, part ii. pp. 908, 917, 1000, contains an account of Albany Wallis, a solicitor in Norfolk Street, Strand, who died Sept. 3, 1800, aged 86, leaving a fortune of between 70,000l. and 80,000l. to .Lady Bayly for her life, "and then to her son Col. Bayly, who has taken her name." This he promptly did on Sept. 17, 1800.

Born in 1775, Lewis Bayly (so called after his ancestor the Bishop of Bangor, 1616 to 1631) became cornet 3rd Dragoon Guards, Dec. 28, 1791 ; raised the 9th (new) Independent Company of Foot and was made its captain, March 7, 1793 ; captain in Col. Edmeston's (new) 95th Foot, Oct. 30, 1793; major thereof, Nov. 18, 1794 ; junior lieutenant-colonel thereof, Feb. 2, 1795. When that regiment was reduced, 1796, he was on its full-pay till 1798, and on its half-pay 1798 till 1814; brevet-colonel (as Lewis Bayly Wallis), Jan. 1, 1805 ; major-general, July 25, 1810; lieutenant-general, Aug. 12, 1819 ; general, Jan. 10, 1837. As Col. Bayly Wallis he married, June 3, 1802, the sister (who died in Paris, October, 1819) of that dashing sabreur Sir Robert Thomas Wilson, M.P., and widow of Lieut.-Col. Thomas Blacket Bosville, Coldstream Guards, of Gunthwaite, Yorks:

" of the tallest officers in the three regiments of Guards, being six feet four inches high who was killed in the action at the fort of Lincelles. in .Flanders, 18 Aug., 1793, being shot through the mouth, the bullet having passed over the head of the Hon. Captain Fitzroy, who was standing within a foot of him." Gent. Mag., quoted in 'Old Wales,'
vols. ii. and iii., where there is an account of General Bayly Wallis.

Albany Wallis's only son was drowned in the Thames when at Westminster School about 1780. In George Eyre Evans's 'Lampeter,' 1905, there is a chapter, pp. 102-5, on Albany Wallis, who purchased the estate of Peterwell, in the parish of Lampeter, co. Cardigan, its owner, John Adams, M.P., (who inherited it from his uncle Sir Herbert Lloyd, Bart., M.P.), having "spent the whole property" ('Parl. Hist, of Wales'). Mr. Evans said that "both father and son" owned Peterwell, but, of course, he was in error in assuming any relationship between them. The general served as High Sheriff of Cardiganshire from Feb. 1, 1806, to Feb. 4, 1807, being described as of Peterwell (Record Office List, quoted in ' Old Wales,' where the mistake in J. R. Phillips's 'Sheriffs of Cardiganshire,' 1868, p. 33, in calling him John Baily Wallis, is rectified). General Bayly Wallis died Aug. 10, 1848, aged 73. W.R.W.

The House of Commons, 1790-1820, Volume 4 By R.G. Thorne
BAYLY (afterwards WALLIS), Lewis (1775-1848), of Ilchester, Som. and Peterwell. Card. Ilchester 28 May 1799-1802 - b. 1775, o.s. of Sir Nicholas Bayly, 2nd Bt., of Plas Newydd, Anglesey by 2nd w. Anne née Hunter; half-bro. of Nicholas Bayly and Henry (Bayly) Paget, 1st Earl of Uxbridge. m. 3 June 1802, Frances, da. of Benjamin Wilson, portrait painter, of 56 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, Mdx., wid. of Lt.-Col. Thomas Blacker Bosville of Gunthwaite, Yorks. and sis. of Sir Robert Thomas Wilson, 1da. d.v.p. suc. Albany Wallis and took name of Wallis 17 Sept. 1800. Cornet, 3 Drag. Gds. 1791; capt. 9 Ind. co. Ft. 1793, 95 Ft. 1793, maj. 1794, lt.-col. 1795, half-pay 1798-1814; brevet col. 1805, Maj.-gen. 1810, lt.-gen. 1819, gen. 1837. Sheriff, Card, 1806 7.

Bayly's father appointed his widow and Albany Wallis, the prominent London solicitor, guardians of the son of his old age. On 3 Sept. 1800 Wallis died leaving nearly the whole of his estate, valued between £70.000 and £80,000, to Lady Bayly for her life with remainder to Lewis, who accordingly changed his name to Wallis a fortnight later. He had been an army officer and was already in Parliament, having been returned on a vacancy for Ilchester, by arrangement with his guardian's business partner Richard Troward, the proprietor, to whom Wallis apparently owed £30,000 towards the purchase of the borough at the time of his death.

Wallis made no mark in Parliament and did not seek re-election at the dissolution of 1802. In April he had disposed of his interest at Ilchester to Sir William Manners, the price quoted being £53,000. He died 10 Aug. 1848, aged 73, on board his yacht.

General Lewis Bayly (Wallis) was born in 1775 and died 10 August 1848 - aged 73 on board his yacht "Heroine". He married Frances (Fanny) Wilson, daughter of general Sir Robert Wilson, 3 June 1802. Fanny was born about 1772 and died in Paris, France during October 1819.

Annual Register - 1848
10 August
At Newhaven, aged 73, on board his yacht Heroine, Gen. Lewis Bayly Wallis.

London Chronicle or Universal Evening Post - Tuesday, September 23, 1800; Issue 6481
Whitehall, Sept. 17. The King has been pleased to grant unto Lewis Bayly, of Pall Mall, in the county of Middlesex, Esq., Lieutenant Colonel in the army, son of Sir Nicholas Bayly, late of Plas-Newydd, in the county of Anglesey, Bart, deceased, by Dame Ann, his second wife, his Royal licence and authority, that he and his issue may take and use the surname and bear the arms of Wallis, in addition to the surname and arms of Bayly, from grateful respect to the memory of Albany Wallis, late of Norfolk-street in the Strand, in the county of Middlesex, Esq., also deceased, as well as in compliance with the injunction contained in the last will and testament of the said Albany Wallis.

Elections in Ilchester in the late 1700s and early 1800s were very corrupt affairs with would-be patrons of the borough's two parliamentary seats vying to control the personnel of the Corporation and thereby the bailiff - the returning officer at parliamentary elections.[18] In the 1790s Richard Troward, an attorney from London, owned large amounts of land in Ilchester and had a controlling influence over the Corporation. The 1799 by-election was won by Lewis Bayly, later Colonel Lewis Bayly Wallis, the heir of Albany Wallis who was in partnership with Richard Troward.

Dame Ann Hunter