Birth: 24 June 1742

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Aghenis, co. Tyrone, Ireland

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: September 1802

Place or Registered Place of Death: Not Known

Father: Galbraith Lowry (1706-1769)

Mother: Sarah (Sally) Corry (1709-1779)

Spouse(s): William Willoughby Cole

Date of Marriage: 3 November 1763

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Not Known


Sarah Cole (1764-1833)
Elizabeth Anne Cole (1765-1807)
John Willoughby Cole (1768-1840)
Anne Cole (1769-1789)
Galbraith Lowry Corry (1772-1842)
William Montgomery Cole (1773-1804)
Florence Cole (1778-)
Arthur Henry Cole (1780-1844)
Henry Cole d. infant
Henrietta Frances (1784-)


Galbraith Lowry - 11 July 1706 - 28 December 1769.

Galbraith inherited the Corry estates in Monaghan when Leslie Corry died. He also inherited properties in Dublin and Longford - to inherit these properties the Lowrys were required to assume the name ands arms of Corry, which they did in 1765.

Galbraith Lowry was the third, but second surviving son of Mr. Robert Lowry senior. He was born on the 11th July 1706, and consequently at the time of his father's death must have been under age. He graduated B.A Trinity College, vern: 1728. By his WILL as before mentioned, his father bequeathed to him a considerable estate in Tyrone, including Aghenis and (probably), the townland of Drummin in Co. Armagh. He was also in remainder to the manor of Finagh which he inherited in 1764, on his brother Robert's death without issue. In 1733 he married Miss Sarah Corry, the second daughter of Colonel John Corry of Castlecoole, and sister of Leslie CORRY the then owner of that property. He exercised the power reserved to him under his father's will, by setting, or agreeing to settle upon his wife £200 a year ( which appears to have been a common jointure at that time for a country gentleman's wife,) and £2,000 upon daughters or younger sons.

By Sarah Corry he had seven children, viz.(1. Robert who was born the 19th Aug. 1734, died in Dublin,and was buried at St. Mary's; (2.) John born 13th Sept., 1735, died at Castlecoole 1752, and was buried at Derryvullen;(3.) Sarah born 17th May 1738, died young; (4.) Armar born 7th April, 1740 and was created a peer as Baron Belmore in 1781. From this son are descended, besides myself, two other peers, viz. The Earl of Sandwich and Lord Rowton. (5.) Anna, born 24th June 1742 and married 3 Nov. 1763 to the Hon. William Willoughby COLE, afterwards second Lord Mount Florence and First Earl of Enniskillen. From her are descended besides the Earl of Enniskillen, Earl Cowper,k.G., the present Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Earl de Grey the heir apparent to the Marquisate of Rippon, and the eldest son of Viscount Crichton, heir to the Earldom of Erne.(6.) Sarah Corry born October 1745 died 1746. (7.) Mary born 2 July 1748 and died 1774.

Anna Lowry