Birth: 7 May 1836

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Market Harborough, Northamptonshire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 5 April 1896

Place or Registered Place of Death: Loddington Hall, Kettering, Northamptonshire

Father: Sir William de Capell-Brooke (1801-1886)

Mother: Hon. Catherine Watson (1802-1884)

Spouse(s): Eleanor Frances Thornhill

Date of Marriage: 3 August 1865

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. George's, Hanover Square, Middlesex


Catherine Honoria de Capell-Brooke (1866-1943)
Edith Julia de Capell-Brooke (1867-)
Arthur Francis Forester de Capell-Brooke (1873-1902)
Eleanor Grace de Capell Brooke (1877-)


The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 219 - 1865
Aug. 3
At St. George's, Hanover-sq., Arthur Watson, son of Sir William de Capell Brooke, bart., of Oakley Hall, Northants., to Eleanor Frances, dau. of the late Thomas Thornhill, esq., of Fixby Hall, Yorkshire.

The United Service Magazine - 1857
War Office - June 30
4th Light Dragoons
Arthur Watson De Capell Brooke ,Gent., to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Chaine.

Bulletins and Other State Intelligence - 1860
War Office, Pall Mall, 24 August, 1858
4th Light Dragoons, Cornet Arthur Watson De Capell Brooke to be Lieutenant, without purchase. Dated 24th August, 1858.

Bulletins and Other State Intelligence - 1863
War Office, Pall Mall, 5th May, 1863
4th Hussars
Lieutenant Arthur Watson De Capell Brooke to be Captain, by purchase, vice Browne. Dated 5th May, 1863.

Early California Wills - California Society
Arthur Watson de Capell Brooke -
Case #390
Will dated: 27 August 1892
Probated: England, 7 July 1896
In U.S. 9 January 1897
Died at Loddington Hall, Kettering, County of Northampton, England
Wife: Eleanor Frances de Capell Brooke, Loddington Hall, England
Son: A. Francis F. de Capell Brooke, Bakersfield
Daus: Catharine de Capell Brooke, Loddington Hall, Eng.
Edith de Capell Brooke, Loddington Hall, Eng.
Grace de Capell Brooke, Loddington Hall, Eng.
Executrix: Eleanor Frances de Capell Brooke
Executor: A. Francis F. de Capell Brooke, appointed as administrator of property in California
Witnesses: Thos. Henry Gardiner, 8 Lincolns Inn Fields
Thos. Henry Bridges, Clerk to Messrs Long &
Gardiner, 8 Lincolns Inn Fields.


1881 Census:

Rockingham Castle, Rockingham (Northampton), Rutlandshire
George L. Watson - Head - Married - 40 - 1841 - Magistrate - St. James, Middlesex
Laura M. Watson - Wife - 35 - 1846 - St. Marylebone, Middlesex
Arthur W. de C. Brooke - Cousin - Married - 44 - 1837 - Magistrate - Market Harborough, Leicestershire
Eleanor F. Brooke - Cousin - 36 - 1845 - St. George's, Hanover Square, Middlesex


Sir William de Capell-Brooke was born at Deal in Kent on 12 June 1801 and was baptised there on 25 June of that year. Sir William died, aged 84, at Market Harborough in Northamptonshire on 4 March 1886.

The Honourable Catherine Watson was born at Rockingham in Northamptonshire about 1802. Catherine died, aged 82, at Market Harborough in Northamptonshire on 24 November 1884.

Sir William de Capell-Brooke and Catherine Watson were married on 23 April 1829. Their children were:

Richard Lewis de Capell-Brooke (1831-1892)
William Henry Worge de Capell-Brooke (1833-1894)
Captain Arthur Watson de Capell-Brooke (1836-1896)
Charles Edward de Capell-Brooke (1844-1907)

Debrett's Peerage
De Capell-Brooke, Creation 1803, of Oakley, Northamptonshire
The lands of Aghadoe, Cork, have been possessed of this family for 700 years. The heir in the 18th century, Richard Supple, Esq., F.R.S., married the daughter and co-heir of Arthur Brooke, Esq.; his son who was created a baronet, assumed the surname of De Capell-Brooke, the 2nd baronet adopted the surname of Broke, and the 3rd baronet, Sir William resumed the name of Brooke.

Sir William was the son of Richard Brooke de Capell Brooke, Bart and Mary Worge.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 147 - 1830
Sir R. B. De Capell Brooke, Bart.
Nov. 27. (1829) At Great Oakley in Northamptonshire, in his 72nd year, Sir Richard Brooke de Capell Brooke, of that place, Bart. Colonel of the Northamptonshire Militia, and F.R.S.

The paternal name of this gentleman was Supple, he being the only child of Richard Supple of Aghadoe, co. Cork, Esq. by Mary, daughter and heiress of Arthur Brooke, Esq. the descendant of an ancient Northamptonshire family. On the death of his father in 1797 Richard Brooke Supple, Esq. obtained the royal licence to assume the name of Brooke, as directed by the will of his great uncle Wheeler Brooke, esq. and at the same time to change that of Supple to de Capell, that being considered to be the original orthography of- his paternal name. Philip de Capell, who went to Ireland with Robert Fitzstephen, temp Henry II. was rewarded with the estate of Aghadoe, co. Cork, to be held by knight's service, and the payment of a pair of spurs at Easter at Dublin castle ; and that estate, subject to the same quit-rent, has descended in the family to the present time.

Sir Richard was created a Baronet by patent dated June 30, 1803; he married Aug. 18, 1788, Mary, only child and heiress of Major-Gen. Richard Worge, Colonel of the 8th foot, by whom he had two sons, Sir Arthur, who has succeeded to the Baronetcy, born in 1791, and is a Lieutenant in the Royal horse guards; and William, born in 1801; and four daughters, Mary-Anne, Sophia, Louisa, and Augusta.

The Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage, of Great Britain and Ireland for 1862.
Brooke, 3rd Bart. (Utd. Kgdm.) Creat. 1803.-Sir William De-capell-brooke, 2nd son of the 1st bart., by the only dau. and heir of Major-General Richard Worge (she died 1846). Born at Deal, Kent, 1801; mar. 1829, youngest dau. of the 2nd Lord Sondes (she was born 1802); succeeded his bro. in 1858 ; was educated at Rugby and at Brasenose College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. 1822, M.A. 1835; appointed sheriff of Rutlandshire, 1852. The 1st bart., Sir Richard Brooke Supple, assumed the name of Brooke in accordance with his uncle's will, and adopted the name of De Capell, in lieu of Supple, by royal licence. Seats-Oakley, Northamptonshire ; Aghadoe, and Roxborough, co. Cork.
Heir, his son Richard Lewis ; born 1831.

Sir William was a Barrister-at-law.


1851 Census:

The Elms, High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire
William de Capell-Brooke - Head - Married - 49 - 1802 - Magistrate, Land Proprietor - Deal, Kent
Catherine Brooke - Wife - 48 - 1803 - Ipswich, Suffolk
Charles Edward Brooke - Son - 6 - 1845 - Scholar at Home - Market Harborough, Leicestershire

1861 Census:

The Elms, High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire
William D. C. Brooke - Head - Married - 59 - 1802 - Baronet, Magistrate - Deal, Kent
Catherine D.C. Brooke - Wife - 58 - 1803 - Rockingham, Northamptonshire
Richard L.D.C. Brooke - Son - Unmarried - 30 - 1831 - Barrister-at-law - Market Harborough, Northamptonshire
Arthur W.D.C. Brooke - Son - Unmarried - 24 - Army Lieutenant - Dragoons - Market Harborough, Northamptonshire

1871 Census:

The Elms, High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire
William de Capell Brooke - Head - Married - 69 - 1802 - Baronet, Magistrate, Deal, Kent
Catherine de Capell Brooke - Wife - 68 - 1803 - Lees Court, Kent??
Arthur Watson D.C. Brooke - Son - 34 - 1837 - Late Captain, 4th Hussars - Market Harborough, Leicestershire
Charles Edward de Capell Brooke - Son - 26 - 1845 - Bachelor of Arts, Cambridge - Market Harborough, Leicestershire
Eleanor Frances de Capell Brooke - Daughter-in-law - 26 - 1845 - London
Catherine H.D.C. Brooke - Granddaughter - 4 - 1867 - Market Harborough, Leicestershire
Edith Julia D.C. Brooke - Granddaughter - 3 - 1868 - Market Harborough, Leicestershire


Catherine was the daughter of Lewis Thomas Monson, 2nd Baron Sondes of Lees Court, b. 18 April 1754, d. 20 June 1806.

Lewis Thomas Monson, 2nd Baron Sondes of Lees Court was born on 18 April 1754. He was the son of Lewis Watson, 1st Baron Sondes of Lees Court. He married Mary Elizabeth Milles, daughter of Richard Milles, on 30 November 1785. He died on 20 June 1806 at age 52.

Catherine's siblings were:

Lewis Richard Watson (1792-1836)
George John Watson - Later Milles (1794-1874)
Henry Watson (1796-1849)
Richard Watson (1800-1852)
Mary Grace Watson (-1853)

Captain Arthur Watson de Capell-Brooke, J.P.