Birth: 23 September 1781

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Blithfield House, Rugeley, Staffordshire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 19 May 1843 - Aged 61

Place or Registered Place of Death: Kingston, Canada

Father: William Bagot

Mother: Elizabeth Louisa Saint-John

Spouse(s): Mary Charlotte Anne Wellesley-Pole

Date of Marriage: 22 July 1806

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Maryborough, Queens County, Ireland


Louisa Catherine Bagot (1807-1824)
Colonel Charles Bagot (1808-1881)
Emily Georgina Bagot (1809-1848)
Caroline Mary Bagot (1812-)
Arthur Berkeley Bagot (1814-1825)
Henrietta Maria Bagot (1815-1844)
Georgiana Augusta Bagot(1818-1851)
George Talbot Bagot (1820-1907)
Colonel Alexander Bagot (1822-1874)
Wilhelmina Frederica Bagot (1826-1852)


Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Bagot held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.). He held the office of Ambassador to Russia. He held the office of Ambassador to Holland. He held the office of Ambassador to Austria. He held the office of Minister Plenipotentiary to the U.S.A. He was invested as a Privy Counsellor (P.C.). He held the office of Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. He was invested as a Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Bath (G.C.B.). He held the office of Governor-General of Canada in 1841. He has an extensive biographical entry in the Dictionary of National Biography.

The Universal Magazine, Volume 6 - August 1806
The Hon. Charles Bagot, to Miss Pole, and niece of the Marquess Wellesley.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 175 - 1843
The Rt. Hon. Sir C. Bagot.
May 18. At Kingston, Canada, aged 61, the Right Hon. Sir Charles Bagot, G.C.B. late Governor-General of her Majesty's North American provinces, a Trustee of the National Gallery, &c. brother to Lord Bagot and the Lord Bishop of Oxford; father-in-law of the Earl of Winchelsea and the Earl of Uxbridge.

Sir Charles Bagot was the second son of William first Lord Bagot, by the Hon. Louisa St. John, eldest daughter of John second Viscount St. John, and was born 23rd Sept. 1781.

In 1807 he acted as Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs with Mr. Canning. He was appointed Minister Plenipotentiary at the Court of France in 1814. In the following year he went to the United States on an extraordinary mission, on which occasion he was sworn a Privy Councillor on the 4th Dec.; and on his return from America was invested with the order of the Bath, May 27,1820. Sir Charles proceeded to St. Petersburgh in 1820 as ambassador from the British court, and in 1824 he was appointed ambassador to the Hague, where be resided several years. On the dissolution of the Melbourne administration Sir Charles was selected by Sir Robert Peel as Governor-General of Canada, that appointment being vacant by the death of Lord Sydenham.

Sir Charles Bagot married, July 22, 1806, Mary Charlotte Anne Wellesley Pole, eldest daughter of the present Earl of Mornington, and niece to the Duke of Wellington; and by that lady, who survives him, he had issue four sons and six daughters: 1. Louisa-Catharine, who died in 1824, aged 17; 2. Lieut.-Col. Charles Bagot, Gren. guards ; 3. the Right Hon. Emily-Georgiana Countess of Winchelsea, married in 1827 to George tenth and present Earl of Winchelsea and Nottingham (being his second wife); 4. Caroline-Mary; 5. Arthur Berkeley, who died in 1825, aged 11; 6. the Right Hon. Henrietta-Maria Countess of Uxbridge, married in 1833 to Henry Earl of Uxbridge, son and heir apparent of the Marquess of Anglesey, (being his second wife,) and has issue; 7. Georgiana Augusta; 8. George-Talbot; 9. Alexander; and 10. Wilhelmina-Frederica.

The body of Sir Charles Bagot has been brought to England in H.M.S. Warspite, accompanied by his widow and family.

The Law Times, Volume 2 - 1843
Will Of Sir Charles Bagot.-The will and three codicils of the late Sir Charles Bagot have just been proved by the Earl of Dartmouth and Lord Somerset, two of the executors. By his will he bequeaths the whole of his property to his executors in trust, to allow the interest of his property, and also the use of his plate, china, &c., to his wife, Lady Anne Bagot, and after her death to be divided amongst his children. By a codicil he gives to his brother, Lieut. Bagot, a portrait of George IV., painted for him when ambassador to the court of Petersburg, by Sir Thomas Lawrence. By another codicil he gives to the Hon. Fulke Greville "the statue, in iron, of Frederick the Great, presented to me by the King of Hanover, and I hope he will long preserve it, in memory of many happy days passed together;" and "to my early, constant, and attached friend, the Earl of Haddington, my gold snuff-box, set with small diamonds, which I hope he will sometimes use for my sake;" to Lady Lyttelton the portrait of her late husband, Lord Lyttelton, painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence. He particularly directs his son not to publish or divulge the contents of a box in the custody of Messrs. Childs and Co., which is sealed by the seals of the Duke of Wellington, Lord Oxford, and himself; but directs that his son may burn, or otherwise destroy the contents. The codicils are written by himself, and in the last he directs that "my remains may be transported to England and buried at Blithfield, and a tablet be erected, on which is to be inscribed the date of my birth, marriage, and death, the principal offices which I had held in the public service, and the honours to which I had attained." The property has been sworn under sixteen thousand pounds.

The Peerage of the British Empire, By Edmund Lodge.
The Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Bagot died at Kingston, in Canada, 19 May 1843, when Governor-General of Her Majesty's North American Provinces.

Rt. Hon. Charles Bagot