Birth: 13 July 1789

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Toddington, Gloucestershire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 1 March 1830

Place or Registered Place of Death: Guilsborough, Northamptonshire

Father: Rev. John Eddy (1757-1842)

Mother: Unknown

Spouse(s): Elizabeth Frances Birch

Date of Marriage: 20 June 1820

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. Andrew, Rugby, Warwickshire


Charles Walter Eddy (1821-1874)
Frances Mary Eddy (1821-)
Maria Susanna Eddy (1822-)
Jane Elizabeth Eddy (1825-)
Sophia Lucy Eddy (1826-)


Charles Eddy was curate at Guilsborough. He was then presented the living (Rector)of Bemerton. The living was given to him by the Earl of Pembroke 14 February 1829, a year before his death.

The New Monthly Magazine, Volume 14 - 1820
Married - At Rugby, the Rev. Charles Eddy, of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, to Miss Birch, of Rugby, and daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Birch, of South Thoresby, Lincolnshire.

The Rugby Register
Entrances at Midsummer, 1801
July 26
Charles Eddy, son of the Rev. Mr. Eddy, Toddington, Worcestershire, aged 12 - July 13.

Magdalen College Register - 1881
The Rev. Charles Eddy, M.A., Rector of Bemerton, and Curate of Guilsborough, died 1 March, 1830, aged 40.

Alumni Oxonienses - Members of the University of Oxford.
Eddy, Charles, s. John of Toddington, co. Gloucester, cler. Queen's Coll., matric. 19 March, 1806, aged 16; Magdalen Coll. B.A. 1809, M.A. 1812, assistant tutor, Rugby, 1812.

Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country, Volume 1 - June 1830
Ecclesiastical Preferments
The Rev. J. Eddy, M.A. to the Rectory of Fugglestone St. Peter, with Bemerton, void by the death of the Rev, C. Eddy.

The Gentleman's Magazine - June 1859
May 5
At Kegworth, John Stephens esq., barrister-at-law, of the Middle Temple, and Chester-terr., Regent's-park, to Frances Mary, eldest dau. of the late Rev. Chas. Eddy, of Guilsborough, and Rector of Bemerton, Wilts.

A Register of the Presidents, Fellows and Demies....Magdalen College
Eddy, Charles, res. 1813. Born 13 July 1789. Entered at Rugby School, Midsummer 1800. Matr. at Queen's College, 19 Feb. 1806, aged 16. Eldest son of John Eddy of Toddington, co. Gloucester, Cler.

Jane Elizabeth Tomkins, daughter of Rev. Charles Eddy, Rector of Bemerton, and wife of the Rev. Henry George Tompkins, late Vicar of Branscomb, Devon.


The Rev. John Eddy was born at Lidney in Gloucestershire 9 October 1757. He died 9 November 1842, aged 85 at Toddington in Gloucestershire. John first married in 1788 or earlier. Charles Eddy was the issue of that marriage. He secondly married Anne Allen at Bathwick in Somerset, 10 September 1795. The issue of this second marriage was the Rev. John Eddy, Rector of Elworthy in Somerset (born 24 October 1801 at Toddington and died 1 September 1870, aged 68) and Mary Eddy (born 9 February 1798 at Toddington). Anne Allen, the second wife, was born at Michelmersh in Somerset 18 June 1763. Anne Allen died at Queen's Square, Bath in Somerset 30 March, 1843, aged 79. She was buried at Toddington.

The Rev. John Eddy, A.M. Chaplain of All Souls College, Oxon, and afterwards Vicar of Toddington, and of Didbrook, co. Gloucester, and Rector of Whaddon, Wilts, son of Thos. and Hannah Eddy, b. at Lidney, co. Gloucester, 9 Oct. 1757, d. 9 Nov. 1842.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 19 - 1843
Nov. 9. At Toddington, Gloucestershire, aged 85, the Rev. John Eddy, for fifty-four years Vicar of Toddington and Didbrook, Glouc. and fifty-three years Rector of Whaddon, Wilts. He was a native of Lidney, Gloucestershire, entered at Wadham college, Oxford, March 31, 1778, took the degree of B.A. in 1781; afterwards removed to All Souls, and graduated M.A. 1787.

The Registers of Wadham College, Oxford
John Eddy. M. 31 March 1778 (fils Thomae E. de Lidney, Gouucestr: pleb. aet. 20) C.M. received as Servitor 28 March, 1777, restored, June, 1778. Bible Clerk of All Souls, Lent Term, 1778. B.A. 9 Nov, 1781. M.A. 6 June, 1787.

"Died 9 Nov. 1842, at Toddington, Glouc. aged 85, Rev. J.E. for 54 years Vicar of Toddington and Didbrook, Glouc. and for 53 years Rector of Whaddon, Wilts."
At Toddington is the following inscription on a tomb in the churchyard.
Arec deposited
The Remains of the
Rev, John Eddy M.A.
Who died November IXth
Those of Ann his wife
Who died March XXX

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 93 - 1823
August 21
Rev. John Butt, of Upper Seymour-street, to Mary, dau. of Rev. J. Eddy, Rector of Whaddon, Wilts.
(Mary was born 9 February 1798 - married to Rev. Phelpes John Butt, M.A. of Lincoln College, Oxford who was born at Finchley, Middlesex on 19 April 1797)

John Eddy had another child, also Rev. John Eddy, M.A. of Trinity College, Oxford, born at Toddington 24 October 1801, married in May 1837 to Hannah, daughter of Mr. Thomas Taylor, who was born 25 July 1817. They in turn had two sons and two daughters, the sons being Charles Eddy, born at Hailes, December 1838 and John Eddy, born at Taunton, 30 November 1844.

Gloucestershire Archives
Letter from John Eddy, vicar of Toddington, to Charles Hanbury Tracy, esq., denying that he is responsible for mutilating Toddington parish registers.

Letter from Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Tomkins (née Eddy) under the date August 4, 1880

"My grandfather John Eddy's second wife was the daughter of Rev. Hollier Allen and Mary his wife, daughter of Peter Bathurst, Esq., of Clarendon Park, Wilts. Peter Bathurst married Lady Selena Shirley, daughter of Earl Ferrers. They had fifteen children; one of these married Lord Tracey, and was one of the ladies of the bed-chamber to Queen Charlotte, wife of George III.

This lady adopted her niece, who was the second wife of my grandfather, John Eddy, Rector of Toddington."

Queen's Gate Terrace, S.W. London, August 5, 1880.

The New Monthly Magazine, Volume 9 - 1818
Mrs. A.M. Eddy, 81, wife of the Rev. C.E. of Guilsborough, and grand daughter of the late Rev. W. Hughes, of Northampton.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 19 - 1843
March 30. At Bath, aged 79, Ann, relict of the Rev. John Eddy, late Rector of Whaddon, Wilts.

Rev. Charles E. Eddy