Birth: 19 July 1911

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Not Known

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 1989 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Death: Not Known

Father: John Alexander Henry Hope

Mother: Elizabeth Maud Dunsmuir

Spouse(s): Winifred Gwendolyn Marie Paget

Date of Marriage: 2 December 1952

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Chelsea, London


Edward James Hope was born on 19 July 1911. He is the son of Major John Alexander Henry Hope and Elizabeth Maud Dunsmuir. He married, firstly, Enid Gunther, daughter of Robert Louis George Gunther, on 16 December 1937. He and Enid Gunther were divorced in 1950. He married, secondly, Winifred Gwendolyn Marie Paget, daughter of Major John Byng Paget, on 2 December 1952.

Edward James Hope was educated at Eton College, Eton, Berkshire, England. He fought in the Second World War. He gained the rank of Temporary Major in the service of the Scots Guards. He was decorated with the award of Military Cross (M.C.).

Children of Edward James Hope and Enid Gunther were:

David Edward Geoffrey Hope (1939-1961)
Sarah Elizabeth Hope (1942-)

Major Edward James Hope, M.C.