Birth: 31 May 1859

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Traquair, Peebleshire, Scotland

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 21 November 1920 - Aged 61

Place or Registered Place of Death: 34 Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, London

Date of Burial: 26 November 1920

Place of Burial: Traquair, Peebleshire, Scotland

Father: Sir Charles Clow Tennant (1823-1906)

Mother: Emma Winsloe (1821-1895)

Spouse(s): Pamela Genevieve Adelaide Wyndham

Date of Marriage: 11 July 1895

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Chelsea, London


Clarissa (Clare) Madeline Georgiana Felicite Tennant (1896-1960)
Edward Wyndham Tennant (1897-1916)
Christopher Grey Tennant (1899-1983)
David Francis Tennant (1902-1968)
Stephen James Napier Tennant (1906-1987)
Hester Tennant (1916-1916)


Edward Priaulx Tennant, 1st Baron Glenconner was born on 31 May 1859. He was the son of Sir Charles Tennant, 1st Bt. and Emma Winsloe. He married Pamela Adelaide Genevieve Wyndham, daughter of Hon. Percy Scawen Wyndham and Madeline Caroline Frances Eden Campbell, on 11 July 1895. He died on 21 November 1920 at age 61.

Edward Priaulx Tennant, 1st Baron Glenconner (31 May 1859 – 21 November 1920), known as Sir Edward Tennant, 2nd Baronet, from 1906 to 1911, was a Scottish Liberal politician.
The eldest surviving son of Sir Charles Tennant, 1st Baronet, he was educated at Eton College and at Trinity College, Cambridge. He married Pamela Wyndham, a writer, and had several children.

Tennant travelled extensively in Africa, India, and America, and was Assistant Private Secretary to Sir George Otto Trevelyan, Secretary for Scotland, from 1892-1895. He was unsuccessful parliamentary candidate for Partick in 1892 and for Peebles and Selkirk in 1900. He was elected as Liberal Member of Parliament for Salisbury at the 1906 general election, holding the seat until the 1910 general election.

He succeeded his father to the baronetcy in 1906, and in 1911 he was raised to the peerage as Baron Glenconner, of The Glen in the County of Peebles. Lord Glenconner was also Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1911, 1912, 1913 and 1914, and served as Lord Lieutenant of Peeblesshire from 1908 to 1920.

Lord Glenconner, of Glen, Innerleithen

Extract from Volume 1 of Lady Margot Asquith’s autobiography: (sister)

My eldest brother, Eddy, though very different from me in temperament and outlook, was the one with whom I got on best. We were both devoured by impatience and punctuality and loved being alone in the country. He hated visiting, I enjoyed it; he detested society and I delighted in it. My mother was not strong enough to take me to balls; and as she was sixty-three the year I came out, Eddy was by way of chaperoning me, but I can never remember him bringing me back from a single party. We each had our latch-keys and I went home either by myself or with a partner.

We shared a secret and passionate love for our home, Glen, and knew every clump of heather and every birch and burn in the place. Herbert Gladstone told me that, one day in India, when he and Eddy after a long day’s shooting were resting in silence on the ground, he said to him:

“What are you thinking about, Eddy?”

To which he answered:

“Oh, always the same ... Glen! ...”

In all the nine years during which he and I lived there together, in spite of our mutual irascibility of temper and uneven spirits, we never had a quarrel. Whether we joined each other on the moor at the far shepherd’s cottage or waited for grouse upon the hill; whether we lunched on the Quair or fished on the Tweed, we have a thousand common memories to keep our hearts together.


1901 Census:

9, Wilton Crescent, St George Hanover Square, London
Pamela Tennant - Head - Married - 30 - 1871 - Private Means - Belgrave Square, London
Clarissa Tennant - Daughter - 4 - 1897 - Westminster, London
Edward W. Tennant - Son - 3 - 1898 - Stockton, Wiltshire
Christopher Tennant - Son - 1 - 1899 - Stockton, Wiltshire

1911 Census:

Wilsford, Wiltshire
Pamela Tennant - Wife - Married 15 Years - 40 - 1871 - London, S.W.
Christopher Tennant - Son - 11 - 1900 - Stockton, Wilts
Clare Tennant - Daughter - 14 - 1897 - London, S.W.
David Tennant - Son - 8 - 1903 - London, S.W.
Stephen Tennant - Son - 4 - 1907 - Wilsford, Wilts


Sir Charles Clow Tennant, the son of John Tennant (1796-1878) and Robina Arrol (1796c-1824), was born at Ochiltree, Ayrshire in Scotland on 4 November 1823. Charles died at Broadoaks, Byfleet in Surrey on 4 June 1906, aged 82.

Emma Winsloe, the daughter of Richard Winsloe (1797-) and Charlotte Monkton (1801-), was born at Clifton, Bristol in Gloucestershire on 6 September 1821, and baptised at Saint George, Wilton in Somerset on 4 June 1828. Emma died at The Glen, Innerliethen in Peeblesshire on 21 January 1895.

Charles Clow Tennant and Emma Winsloe were married at Leamington Priors in Warwickshire on 2 August 1849.

Robina Arrol had a relationship with John Tennant of St Rollox, a member of the great Glasgow dynasty of chemical manufacturers and had three children with him. Her story and a picture are in the book "Tennant's Stalk" by Nancy Crathorne.

Robina Arrol and John Tennant were married by "repute", but not by any church ceremony etc. He was John Tennant of St Rollox in Glasgow. The Tennant family were never very keen to acknowledge her, especially when they became Lords Glenconner. It has been suggested that Robia Arrol had been associated with two men before John Tennant, one being a Dr Balmanno/Balmeno and had a daughter, named Mary Ann Balmanno, by him.

Robina Arrol was enormously disliked by the family. John's mother forbade the marriage: Robina was working class and it was at the chemical manufacturing works that he had met her. But in spite of the disapproval, they stayed together.

Charles was a prominent Liberal, serving as M.P. for Glasgow from 1877 to 1880 and for Peeblesshire and Selkirk from 1880 until 1886. He took over the family chemical business, established by his grandfather in 1800, and built a large country mansion in Peeblesshire, Scotland called "The Glen".

His grandfather, Charles Tennant (1768-1838), was born at Ochiltree in Ayrshire, where his family had worked on the land for generations. He studied chemistry and developed a process of bleaching using chloride of lime.

He established a chemical factory at St. Rollox, Glasgow, in 1800, and became one of the largest manufacturers of chemicals in the world. His business expanded into the fields of mining, metallurgy and explosives, and developed mines in the south of Spain.

Sir Charles Tennant, 1st Bt. was born on 4 November 1823. He was the son of John Tennant. He married, firstly, Emma Winsloe, daughter of Richard Winsloe and Charlotte Monkton, on 2 August 1849. He married, secondly, Marguerite Agaranthe Miles, daughter of Colonel Charles William Miles, in November 1898. He died on 4 June 1906 at age 82.

Sir Charles Tennant, 1st Bt. gained the title of 1st Baronet Tennant.

Sir Charles Clow Tennant, 1st Baronet (4 November 1823 - 4 June 1906) Scottish businessman, industrialist and Liberal politician.

Tennant was the son of John Tennant (1796–1878) and Robina Arrol. His grandfather was chemist and industrialist Charles Tennant. He was President of the United Alkali Company and Chairman of the Union Bank of Scotland. Tennant also sat as Member of Parliament for Glasgow from 1879 to 1880 and for Peebles and Selkirk from 1880 to 1886. He unsuccessfully contested Glasgow Partick in 1890. He was also a Trustee of the National Gallery and was appointed a Member of the Tariff Commission in 1904. In 1885 he was created a Baronet.

Tennant first marriage was to Emma Winsloe, daughter of Richard Winsloe, in 1849. After her death in 1895 he was remarried to Marguerite Agaranthe Miles, daughter of Charles William Miles and cousin of Sir Philip Miles in 1898. His son from his first marriage, Harold Tennant, became a Liberal politician, while his daughter from his first marriage, Margot, was the second wife of Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith and a socialite and author. Tennant died in June 1906 in Broadoaks, Byfleet, Surrey, aged 82, and was succeeded in the baronetcy by his son Edward, who was raised to the peerage as Baron Glenconner in 1911. His daughters by his second marriage included Katharine Tennant, Nancy, Lady Crathorne and Margaret, Lady Wakehurst.

Extract from the autobiography of Lady Margot Asquith: Vol.1

My mother’s family were of gentle blood. Richard Winsloe (b. 1770, d. 1842) was rector of Minster Forrabury in Cornwall and of Ruishton, near Taunton. He married Catherine Walter, daughter of the founder of the Times. Their son, Richard Winsloe, was sent to Oxford to study for the Church. He ran away with Charlotte Monkton, aged 17. They were caught at Evesham and brought back to be married next day at Taunton, where Admiral Monkton was living. They had two children:

Emma, our mother, and Richard, my uncle.

It is possible that Charlotte's father was an admiral who lived at Taunton, Somerset.

The children of Charles Clow Tennant and Emma Winsloe were:

Janet Tennant (1850-1865).
Charles Tennant (1851-1856).
John Aubrey Tennant (1853-1861)
Pauline Emma Tennant (1855-1888)
Charles Tennant (1856-1863)
Charlotte (Charty) Monkton Tennant (1858-1911)
Edward Priaulx Tennant (1859-1920)
Katherine Lucy Tennant (1860-1942c)
Francis John Tennant (1861-1942)
Octavia Laura Mary Tennant (1862-1886)
Emma (Margot) Alice Margaret Tennant (1864-1945)
Harold John Tennant (1865-1935)

Edward Priaulx (Eddy) Tennant
1st Baron Glenconner