Birth: April 1764

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Arran Island, co. Galway, Ireland

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism:St. James, Westminster, Middlesex

Death: 27 June 1845 - Aged 81

Place or Registered Place of Death: St. James' Place, Westminster, Middlesex

Father: Arthur Saunders Gore - 2nd Earl of Arran (1734-1809)

Mother: Catherine Annesley - Viscountess Glerawley (1739-1770)

Spouse(s): Henry Monck

Date of Marriage: 6 August 1783

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Not Known


Elizabeth Araminta Monck (1787-1843)
Lady Catherine Anne Isabella Monck (1788-1865)


The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 100, Part 2 - 1845
London and its Vicinity
June 27. In St. James's-place, aged 81, Lady Elizabeth Araminta Monck, aunt to the Earl of Arran. She was the second daughter of Arthur-Saunders 2nd Earl of Arran, K.P. by the Hon. Catharine Annesley, only daughter of William Viscount Glerawley, and was married in 1783 to Henry Monck, esq. son of George Paul Monck, esq. by Lady Araminta Beresford, sixth daughter of Marcus first Earl of Tyrone, and sister to George first Marquess of Waterford and Catharine Viscountess Glerawley (above-mentioned).

Lady Elizabeth Monck as Elizabeth Araminta Gore (1770-1845), a daughter of Sir Arthur Saunders Gore, 2nd Earl of Arran. Although in 1783 Elizabeth married a commoner, barrister Henry Monck, she retained her courtesy title of Lady Elizabeth.

Lady Elizabeth was evidently a beauty of her day, as evidenced by the following quotation from a letter of August 1818, written by Sydney, Lady Morgan to Lady Clarke; "We only wanted the Hon. Mrs. Browne, who was married about the same time, when, lo! she entered with her mother, the beautiful Lady Elizabeth Monck, another of the charming clan of Arran, who for grace and beauty, when they were in their prime, could not have been matched in Europe. Lord Arran ought to have had some prize for the specimens of physical perfection he gave to the world in his daughters."

Lady Elizabeth had two daughters, the elder daughter, Elizabeth Araminta Monck married Vice Admiral Sir Charles Paget (1778-1839). They had a number of children including a son, Henry Horatius Paget who died in Malta in 1828.

Sir Charles Paget was one of several famous brothers, the eldest of whom was Henry Paget, Earl of Uxbridge and one of the Duke of Wellington's commanders at the Battle of Waterloo. Another Paget brother was Ambassador to Russia.

It therefore appears quite reasonable to expect that Lady Elizabeth Monck did meet Marshal Ney during Ney's trial after Waterloo, and could have asked him for a souvenir of Napoleon. For more on this portrait see a more detailed entry in the European 1 section of the collection, but also note the oil version by Duchesne here.

The second daughter of Lady Elizabeth Monck, was Catherine Anne Isabella Monck who married Dominick Brown 1st Lord Oranmore. Their daughter was Henrietta Araminta Monck Browne, see associated miniature portrait of her.

Lady Elizabeth Monck had a Grace and Favour apartment at Hampton Court Palace from 1829 to 1845. As an interesting aside, there is a reference to Lady Elizabeth Monck as a widow, at The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834 in 1826 when a young man called William Andrews, was found guilty of stealing a bundle of laundry worth two pounds, from Lady Elizabeth. He was sentenced to be transported for seven years, probably to a penal colony in Australia.


Arthur Saunders Gore was born 14 July 1734 and died in Ireland, 8 October 1809.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 79 - 1809
Oct.....In Ireland, in his 75th year, Arthur-Saunders Gore, Earl of Arran, Viscount Sudley of Castle-Gore, Lord Saunders of Dieps, and Knight of St. Patrick. His Lordship was three times married, and has left children by each marriage. In 1760 he married Catherine Annesley, only daughter of William Viscount Glerawly; and by her, who died November 23, 1770, had issue Viscount Sudley, now Earl of Arran; and William John, a Lieutenant-colonel in the Army; Anne-Jane, the present Marchioness of Abercorn; Elizabeth-Araminta, married to Henry Monck, esq; Catherine-Charlotte, now Lady Carbery; and Jane, married to Dudley Loftus, esq; He married, secondly, Miss Knight, of Yorkshire, who died in 1778, leaving. George; Mary-Louisa, married to J. Knox, esq. of the county of Westmeath; and Eleanor, married to the Hon. F. Cavendish, brother to Lord Waterpark. His Lordship married, thirdly, in January 1781, Miss Underwood, a most beautiful and interesting young lady, by. whom he has left issue, and with whom his Lordship enjoyed the happiest domestic life. He was a Nobleman of the mildest disposition, and most elegant manners.

Catherine Annesley was born about 1739 and died 23 November 1770 in childbirth.

Lady Elizabeth Araminta Gore