Birth: 16 August 1784

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Warwick, Warwickshire

Baptism: 5 September 1784

Place of Baptism: St. Mary, Warwick, Warwickshire

Death: 18 December 1868

Place or Registered Place of Death: Springfield House, Knole, Warwickshire

Father: George Townshend, 2nd Marquess Townshend (1753-1811)

Mother: Charlotte Ellerker (1754-1802)

Spouse(s): Joseph Moore Boultbee

Date of Marriage: 5 August 1815

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire


Charlotte Elizabeth Boultbee (1817-1888)
Henrietta Boultbee (1818-1902)
Elizabeth Boultbee (1820-1896)
Joseph Townshend Boultbee (1822-1839)
Emily Boultbee (1825-)
Henry Townshend Boultbee (1827-1903)
Selina Arabella Boultbee (1828-1868)


George Townshend, 2nd Marquess Townshend, son of George Townshend, 1st Marquess Townshend and Lady Charlotte Compton, was born at Raynham in Norfolk on 18 April 1753. George died, aged 58, at Richmond in Surrey on 28 July 1811.

Charlotte Ellerker, the daughter of Eaton Mainwaring-Ellerker of Risby in Yorkshire and Barbara Dixon, was born at Risby in the East Riding of Yorkshire about 1754 and was baptised at Rowley near Hull in Yorkshire on 6 July of that year. Charlotte died 2 February 1802.

George Townshend and Charlotte Ellerker were married on 24 December 1777 at Kildare in Ireland.

George Townshend, 2nd Marquess Townshend was born on 18 April 1753. He was the son of George Townshend, 1st Marquess Townshend and Lady Charlotte Compton. He married Charlotte Ellerker, daughter of Eaton Ellerker, on 24 December 1777. He died on 27 July 1811 at age 58.

George Townshend, 2nd Marquess Townshend succeeded to the title of 11th Lord Ferrers, of Chartley [E., 1299] on 3 September 1770. He succeeded to the title of 2nd Marquess of Townshend on 14 September 1807.

Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay
Monday, Nov. 4. - This was a grand and busy day. Mr. Swinerton has been some time arranging a meeting for all our house, with Lady de Ferrers, whom yuou may remember as Charlotte Ellerker, and her lord and sisters: and this morning it took place, by mutual appointment, at his lodgings. where me met to breakfast. Dr. Johnson, who already knew Lord De Ferrars, and Mrs. and Miss Thrale, and myself, arrived first; and then came the Lord and Lady, and Miss Ellerker and her youngest sister, Harriet. Lord De Ferrars is very ugly, but extremely well bred, gentle, unassuming, sensible, and pleasing. His lady is much improved since we knew her in former days, and seems good humoured, lively, and rather agreeable......
fn. Baron Ferrers of Chartley, 1755-1811 (sic). In 1784 he was created Earl of Leicester, and in 1807 succeeded his father as second Marquess Townshend. In 1877 he had married Charlotte, daughter of Eaton Mainwaring-Ellerker of Risby Park, co. York.

Kearsley's Peerage of England, Scotland and Ireland - 1804
George Townshend, Earl of the County of Leicester, Baron de Ferrars, of Chartley, Lord Bourchier, Louvaine, Basset and Compton, (eldest son of the marquis Townshend, by Charlotte, sole daughter and surviving child and heir of James Compton, earl of Northampton, baroness de Ferrars de Chartley,) Judge of the Marshalsea Court, a Trustee of the British Museum, President of the Society of Antiquaries, and a Vice-president of the Society of Naval Architecture, F.R.S. Born April 18, 1753 ; summoned to parliament as baron de Ferrars, of Chartley, April 25, 1774, and took his seat accordingly 27th of the same month; elected president of the the society of Antiquaries, April 24, 1784; and by patent, May 18 following, his lordship is styled baron de Ferrers of Chartley, baron Bourchier, Louvaine, Basset. and Compton; created earl of the county of Leicester, by reason of his descent from the Bellamonts, ancient earls thereof; married Dec. 24,1777, Charlotte, second daughter of Eaton-Mainwaring Ellerker, of Risby, in the East Riding of the county of York, esq. by whom (who died Feb. 2, 1802) he had George-Ferrars Townshend, commonly called lord Chartley, born Dec. 13, 1778.-Thomas-Compton, born March 29, 1780, died Jan. 7, 1787.-Charles Vere, born Sept. 16, 1785.-Charlotte-Barbara, born June 22, 1781.-Henrietta-Anne, born May 23, 1782.-Elizabeth-Margaret, born Aug. 16, 1784.- Arabella, bora April 2, 1787.

Heir Apparent. George-Ferrars, commonly called lord Chartley, eldest son of the present earl.
Seat. Richmond, Surrey.

Children of George Townshend, 2nd Marquess Townshend and Charlotte Ellerker:

George Ferrars Townshend, 3rd Marquess Townshend (1778-1855)
Thomas Compton Townshend, (1780-1787)
Charlotte Barbara Townshend (1781-1807)
Harriet Anne Townshend (1782-1845)
Elizabeth Margaret Townshend (1784-1868)
Charles Vere Ferrers Townshend (1785-1853)
Arabella Townshend, (1787-)

Lady Elizabeth Margaret Ferrers Townshend