Birth: 1810 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Liskeard, Cornwall

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 17 May 1892 - Aged 82

Place or Registered Place of Death: Penzance, Cornwall

Father: Thomas Robins (1769-1844)

Mother: Elizabeth Hobling (Hoblyns) (1788-1841)

Spouse(s): Thomas Simon Bolitho

Date of Marriage: 10 July 1838

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Liskeard, Cornwall


Elizabeth Robins Bolitho (1839-)
Thomas Robins Bolitho (1839-)
Otho G. Bolitho (1843-)
John Borlase Bolitho (1846-1876)
Mary Bolitho (1849-)
Maria Caroline Bolitho (1850-1933)
Emily Octavia Bolitho (1851-)


Elizabeth , daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Robins of Liskeard. The wife of Thomas Ronins was Elizabeth.

Thomas Robins was the senior partner of the banking firm of Robins, Foster, Coode and Bolithos.

1871 Census:

Alverton Penalverne, Penzance, Cornwall
Elizabeth Bolitho - Wife - Married - 54 - 1817 - Merchant and Banker's Wife - Liskeard, Cornwall
John Borlase Bolitho - Son - 25 - 1846 - Cornwall
Mary Bolitho - Daughter - 21 - 1850 - COrnwall
Maria Caroline Bolitho - Daughter - 20 - 1851 - Cornwall
Emily Octavia Bolitho - Daughter - 19 - 1852 - Cornwall


Thomas Robins was the son of Thomas Robins and Caroline. He was born about 1769 at Saint Austell in Cornwall and was baptised there on 20 June 1769. Thomas died at Liskeard in Cornwall on 22 May 1844, aged 75.

Elizabeth Hobling, the daughter of Edward Hobling and Elizabeth Hoskyn. was born in Devon on 27 September 1788 and was baptised at the Morrice St. Wesleyan church in Devonport, Devon on 2 October 1788. Elizabeth died before 1841 (Census).

Thomas Robins and Elizabeth Hobling were married at St. Cleer in Cornwall on 6 February 1809. Elizabeth was only 20 when they were married so a special licence was sought. Thomas and Elizabeth had two daughters including Elizabeth.

Thomas Robins became the senior partner in a large practice of solicitors. He also held many public appointments, notably that of "Stamp Distributor" for Cornwall.

The Hoblyns or Hoblings, who lived at Southill and possessed estates there, are supposed to be derived from Thomas Hoblyn by his first marriage. Three brothers, of whom William married Marke, removed to Liskeard about 1750, and took part in the corporation. Edward Hobling his son, who died in 1816, married Hoskyn, and left a son Thomas who settled in London, and two daughters. One of these married W. Pedler from Oakhampton, surgeon; the other married T. Robins from St. Austell, solicitor. Both settled at Liskeard, and filled the office of mayor: E. H. Pedler, the son, was town clerk, and in 1831 mayor: T. Robins left two daughters, who married Bolitho and Foster.

Elizabeth Robins