Birth: 6 March 1792

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Flirby, Norfolk

Baptism: 11 March 1792

Place of Baptism: All Saints, Kirby Cane, Norfolk

Death: 10 February 1865 - Aged 72

Place or Registered Place of Death: Loddon, Norfolk

Father: Rev. Henry Wilson, 10th Lord Berners (1762-1851)

Mother: Elizabeth Sumpter (1762-1845)

Spouse(s): William Chester

Date of Marriage: 8 January 1810

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Kirby Cane, Norfolk


William Heneage Chester (1810-1811)
Charles Montagu Chester (1813-1879)
Louisa Chester (1816-)
Fanny Chester (1817-1890)


Hon. Elizabeth Wilson was born on 6 March 1792. She was the daughter of Henry Wilson, 10th Lord Berners and Elizabeth Sumpter. She married Reverend William Chester, son of Charles Chester and Catherine Legge, on 8 January 1810. She died on 10 February 1865 at age 72.

Baptism and Birth Record:
County                                   Norfolk
Place                                      Kirby Cane
Church                                   All Saints
Date Of Birth                          06 Mar 1792
Baptism Date                          11 Mar 1792
Forename                               Elizabeth
Sex                                         F
Father Forename                     Henry
Mother Forename                    Elizabeth
Father Surname                       WILSON
Mother Surname                      SUMPTER
File Number                            2030


1851 Census:

Paradice, Aylsham, Norfolk
Elizabeth Chester - Head - Widow - 59 - Honourable - Flirby, Norfolk
Louisa Chester - Daughter - Unmarried - 34 - Denton, Norfolk
Maria Chester - Daughter-in-law - Married - 28 - 1823 - Charlton, Kent
Jane Chester - Relative - 6 - 1845 - Basingate, Sussex
Charles Chester - Grandson - 4 - 1847 - Sussex
Henry Chester - Relative - 6 Months - Sussex


The Rev. Henry Wilson, 10th Lord Berners was born in Norfolk on 1 October 1762. He died at Kirby Cane in Norfolk, aged 88, on 26 February 1851.

Elizabeth Sumpter was born about 1762 at Histon in Cambridgeshire and was baptised there on 12 October 1762. Elizabeth died at Kirby Cane in Norfolk on 19 December 1845.

The Rev. Henry Wilson and Elizabeth Sumpter were married at Histon in Cambridgeshire on 1 May 1788.

Henry Wilson, 10th Lord Berners was born on 1 October 1762. He was the son of Henry William Wilson and Mary Miller. He married Elizabeth Sumpter, daughter of Thomas Sumpter, on 1 May 1788. He died on 26 February 1851 at age 88 at Kirby Cane, Norfolk, England.3 His will was probated in April 1851.

Henry Wilson, 10th Lord Berners graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, in 1785 with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). He graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, in 1789 with a Master of Arts (M.A.). He was the Rector between 1789 and 1845 at Allexton, Leicestershire, England. He was the Rector between 1820 and 1851 at Kirby Cane, Norfolk, England. He succeeded to the title of 10th Lord Berners [E., 1455] on 25 March 1838, by writ.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 189 - 1851
Lord Berners
Feb. 26. At Kirby Cane, Norfolk, aged 88, the Right Hon. and Rev. Henry Wilson, Baron Berners (1455), Rector of Kirby Cane, and of Allexton, co. Leic.

Lord Berners was born on the 1st Oct. 1762, and was the second son of Henry William Wilson, esq. of Kirby Cane, Didlington. and Ashwell Thorpe, Norfolk, by Mary, daughter of Sir John Miller, Bart. He was a member of Emmanuel college, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. 1785, M.A. 1789. He was presented to the rectory of Allexton in 1814 by his elder brother, and to Kirby Cane in 1820 by the same patron.

He succeeded to the peerage on the 25th March, 1838, on the death of his brother Robert Lord Berners (formerly better known as Colonel Wilson), in whose favour the abeyance of that ancient barony had been terminated in 1832 (see the memoir of that nobleman in our vol. IX. p. 656).

Having spent the prime of life in the discharge of his duties as a country clergyman, he was not by association, nor by mental constitution, fitted for the anxieties and excitement of a political life, and therefore only attended his place in the House of Lords on a few occasions, soon after he succeeded to the title, one of which was to vote for the Reform Bill. But, though absent in person, his proxy was always given to the support of the Whigs, of whom he was, through life, a firm and staunch supporter. In his Lordship poverty has lost a ready, liberal friend, and sorrow a true and generous sympathiser and comforter, one whose ear was ever ready to hear the tale of the distressed, and whose hand with rival alacrity relieved their wants.

The late Lord Berners married, on the 1st May, 1788, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Sumpter, esq. of Histon, co. Cambridge; and by that lady, who died on the 19 Dec. 1845, he had issue two sons and five daughters: 1. the Hon. Charlotte, married in 1809 to Abbot Upcher, esq. of Sheringham hall, Norfolk, who died in 1819; 2. the Hon. Elizabeth, married in 1810 to the Rev. William Chester, cousin to Lord Bagot, who died in 1838; 3. Anne, who died young; 4. the Hon. Mary Wilson ; 5. Henry-William now Lord Berners; 6. the Hon. Anne, married to the Rev. John Munnings Johnson, Rector of Scoulton, Norfolk ; and, 7. the Hon. and Rev. Robert Wilson, who died on the 10th Dec. last, and is noticed in our Feb. number, p. 212.

The present peer was born in 1797, and has recently resided at Keythorpe hall in Leicestershire, of which county he is a deputy lieutenant. He married, in 1823, his cousin, Mary-Letitia, elder daughter and co-heir of Colonel George Crump, of Allexton hall, co. Leic.; but has no issue. The next heir is his nephew, the only son of the late Hon. and Rev. Robert Wilson.


Children of Elizabeth Sumpter and Henry Wilson, 10th Lord Berners:

Hon. Charlotte Wilson b. 10 Apr 1790, d. 8 Feb 1857
Hon. Elizabeth Wilson b. 6 Mar 1792, d. 10 Feb 1865
Anne Wilson b. 13 Nov 1793
Hon. Mary Wilson b. 16 Jun 1795, d. 28 Jan 1874
Henry William Wilson, 11th Lord Berners b. 23 Feb 1797, d. 27 Jun 1871
Hon. Anne Wilson b. 1 May 1799, d. 17 Sep 1875
Reverend Hon. Robert Wilson b. 1 Sep 1801, d. 10 Dec 1850

Elizabeth Sumpter was born circa 1763. She was the daughter of Thomas Sumpter. She married Henry Wilson, 10th Lord Berners, son of Henry William Wilson and Mary Miller, on 1 May 1788. She died on 15 December 1845 at Kirby Cane, Norfolk, England.

Annual Register - 1845
At Kirby Cane Hall, aged 83, the Right Honourable Elizabeth Lady Berners. She was the daughter of Thomas Sumpter, esq., was married in 1788, to the Rev. Henry Wilson, who succeeded his brother as Lord Berners, in 1838.

Hon. Elizabeth Wilson