Birth: 1836 - Circa

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 7 July 1924

Place or Registered Place of Death: St. Albans, Hertfordshire

Father: Richard Armit

Mother: Diana Armit

Spouse(s): Catesby Paget

Date of Marriage: 20 September 1862

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Monkstown, Dublin, Ireland


Mary Paget (1863-1939)
Ethel Paget (1864-)
Cherry Paget (1866-1941)
Catesby Paget (1868-1930)
Geoffrey Paget (1869-1932)
Sophia Paget (1871-1952)


There is very little information about Richard Armit. He was married to Diana Armit 6 May 1823 at St. Peter's Church of Ireland in Dublin. At one time he was reported as residing at 31, Upper Pembroke-st., Dublin.

My Recollections from 1806-1873
One of the most amusing men I ever met with was the late Richard Armit of the 3rd, now Fusilier Guards. Dick Armit, as he was universally called, had a fund of Irish wit and anecdote. His great forte, however, was what is vulgarly called "selling." He would commence a long narrative, replete with interest and fun, and, when he had worked his listener up to a pitch of excitement, he would end by "selling" him. I remember that upon one occasion he nearly involved himself in a duel. In the days I write of, when the Guards were quartered at Windsor, he dined with me at the mess of the Blues. There happened to be present a fire-eating, quarrelsome man, who had been involved in many what were termed affairs of honour.

Dick, who had all the pluck of a son of Erin, and who had listened patiently to this oracle laying down the law, thought he would cause a laugh at his expense; so, suddenly turning to him, he quietly said:

"I saw a man to-day who would give any sum of money he possesses to kick you."

"Kick me !" responded the Sir Lucius O'Trigger. "Kick me ! I call upon you to name him," at the same time turning livid with rage.

"Oh, bedad, I'll tell you," replied his tormentor.

"I insist upon knowing," interrupted the angry man.

"Well, if you wish to know, but it must not go farther — the man was..."

"Who ? who?"

"Ah, don't be in such a hurry; the man, was Billy Water, who goes about in a bowl, because why, he has not any legs, and, by the powers, would give all he has to be able to kick anyone."

Emily Armit