Birth: 22 December 1809

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Baptism: 28 December 1809

Place of Baptism: St. Nicholas', Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Death: 29 January 1892

Place or Registered Place of Death: St. Peter's Terrace, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Father: Samuel Paget

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Tolver

Spouse(s): Clara Fardell

Date of Marriage: 11 December 1851

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Ely, Cambridgeshire


George Edmund Paget (1852-1929)
Hester Paget (1853-1856)
Georgina Paget (1856-1857)
Clara Maud Paget (1857-1949)
Charles Edward Paget (1858-1927)
Rose Elizabeth Paget (1860-1951)
Violet Emma Paget (1860-1924)
Alfred James Meyrick Paget (1869-1927)
Owen Frank Paget (1871-1953)


Oxford University Alumni
Paget, Sir George Edward (K.C.B.), created D.C.L. 22 June, 1870 (2s. Samuel Paget, of Great Yarmouth), president General Medical Council of the United Kingdom 1869-74; fellow Caius Coll., Cambridge, 1872, F.R.S. 1873, F.R.C.P. London, 1839, created D. Med. Dublin 1867, D.C.L. Durham, 1870, and LL.D. Edinburgh 1871, knighted at Windsor Castle 9 March, 1886.

At the time just prior to their marriage, George Edward was visiting his father-in-law and his future wife, Clara at the vicarage.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 191 - 1852
Dec. 11
At Sutton, Ilse of Ely, George Edward Paget, esq., M.D. Senior Fellow of Caius College, Cambridge, to Clara, youngest dau. of the Rev. Thomas Fardell, LL.D.

Alumni Cantabrigienses - 1953
Adm. pens. (age 16) at CAIUS, May 29, 1827. [3rd] s. of Samuel, brewer, of Great Yarmouth (and Sarah Elizabeth Tolver). B. there [Dec. 22, 1809]. School, Charterhouse. Matric.Michs. 1827; B.A. (8th Wrangler) 1831; M.B. 1833; Med. Lic. 1836; M.D. 1838. Fellow, 1832-51; Bursar, 1835-8. At St Bartholomew's Hospital and in Paris. F.R.C.P., 1839. F.R.S., 1873. Hon. M.D., Dublin, 1867; Hon. LL.D., Edin., 1871; Hon. D.C.L., Oxford, 1872; Hon. D.C.L., Durham, 1870. President of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 1855. Linacre Lecturer on Medicine at St John's, 1851. Physician, Addenbrooke's Hospital, 1839-84. Regius Professor of Physic, 1872-92. President, B.M.A., 1864. Harveian Orator, R.C.P., 1866. Created K.C.B., 1885. In 1842 he persuaded the University to institute bedside examinations for its medical degrees, which were the first regular clinical examinations held in England. Married, Dec. 11, 1851, Clara, youngest dau. of the Rev. Thomas Fardell, V. of Sutton, Isle of Ely, and had 10 children. Author, medical. Died Jan. 29, 1892, of influenza, at his house in St Peter's Terrace, Cambridge. There is a marble bust in Addenbrooke's hospital. Brother of Alfred T. (1835), Arthur C. (1825) and James (1874); father of the above and of Owen F. (1891). (Boase, II. 1306;Medical Directories; Memoirs of H. A. Morgan, 206; Carthusian Worthies; D.N.B.; C.U. Hist. Reg., 80; C. E. Paget's edition of G. E. Paget's Lectures.)

The Times - January 30, 1892
Death of Sir George Paget
The professorial staff at Cambridge has buffered a great loss by the death of Sir George Paget, I.C.B., M.D., F.R.S., the Regius Professor of Physic, which occurred at his residence, St. Peter's-terrace, Cambridge, yesterday evening, after a brief illness. He was present at the inauguration of the Duke of Devonshire as Chancellor of the University on the 12th inst., and on his return to Cambridge it was evident that he had contracted a chill, which developed into influenza.

Sir George Paget, the eldest son of the late Mr. Samuel Paget, a merchant at Great Yarmouth, and elder brother of the eminent surgeon, Sir James Paget, was born on December 22, 1809. He received his early education at the Charter-house, and in 1827 entered as a student at Gonville and Caius College. He graduated in the Mathematical Tripos of 1831, obtaining the high position of eighth Wrangler. Among his contemporaries in the Tripos may be mentioned Lord Justice Amphlett, Dean Blakesley, Mr. James Spedding, and Bishop Selwyn, all of whom predeceased him. In 1832 he was elected to a Fellowship at Gonville and Caius College. He chose the medical profession, proceeded to the degree of Bachelor of Medicine in 1833, and in 1838 was created Doctor of Medicine. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in 1839. He decided to remain in Cambridge and pursue the practice of his profession in that town. He soon attained a high reputation for medical skill, was elected one of the physicians, to Addenbrooke's Hospital, and appointed Linacre lecturer in Physic. He retained his Fellowship until 1851, in which year he was married to Clara, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Fardell, LL.D., vicar of Sutton, in the Isle of Ely, but in 1881 he was elected to a professorial Fellowship at his old college. In 1864 he filled the important position of President of the British Medical Association, and in 1866was selected to deliver the Harveian oration at the Royal College of Physicians. In 1867 the University of Dublin conferred upon him the honorary degree of M.D. In 1869 he was elected President of the General Council of Medical Education and Registration, in succession to the late Sir George Burrows, and held the office until 1874. In 1872 Dr. Bond, who had been Regius Professor of Physic for 21 years, resigned. To the great satisfaction of the University the appointment, which is in the gift of the Crown, was conferred upon Dr. Paget, and it may certainly be asserted that no previous occupant of the chair had greater claims to the distinction.

For a long period the study of medicine at Cambridge had been neglected. From 1833 to 1858 the average number of persons proceeding to the degree of Bachelor of Medicine was less than four a year. With the exception of Gonville and Caius and St. John's Colleges, no encouragement was given by Fellowships or scholarships to the students of medicine. The degree itself, although it enabled its holder to practise, was not considered in the profession as a very high qualification, and there was some danger of the medical faculty becoming extinct. At the present time the medical school at Cambridge is one of the largest in the United Kingdom, and the possession of a medical degree at Cambridge is considered one of the highest professional qualifications. This remarkable change is due to the energy, zeal, and perseverance of Sir George Paget and Sir George Humphry, the present Professor of Surgery. Like all great movements, it was a labour of years. First the Natural Science Tripos was established; years afterwards open scholarships were given for natural science; the Natural Science Tripos became the avenue to Fellowships; new professorships in science were endowed, museums and laboratories were opened, the standard of the examinations was raised; and although some jealousy was aroused amongst mathematicians and classical scholars that the endowments of the University and colleges should be diverted to new channels, Sir George Paget and Sir George Humphry overcame all difficulties. Without detracting from the services which Sir George Humphry rendered to the cause of medical education at Cambridge, there is no question that the remarkable confidence reposed by the governing body of the University in the sound judgment of Professor Paget was a potent factor in effecting the various reforms which resulted in the proper recognition of the study of natural and medical science. The revival of the Medical School will always be associated with the professorship of Sir George Paget.

But his claim to distinction will also rest on his fame as a physician, which was not confined to the locality where he spent the greater part of his life, for, in addition to the honorary degree conferred upon him at Dublin, he received similar distinctions from the Universities of Oxford, Durham, and Edinburgh. During the last few years Sir George Paget gradually relinquished the practice of his profession, but to the last he delivered his professional lectures, each year to larger classes. No man worked more indefatigably. He was for some years a member of the Council of the Senate, gave great attention to the labours of numerous important syndicates, was chairman of the Special Board of Medicine, and was a constant attendant at the debates in the Arts School, and a speaker on any reports affecting the medical faculty. As one of the physicians at Addenbrooke's Hospital, which position he resigned in 1831, he was most punctual in his attendance, while his charming manner, combined with his extensive experience and skill, endeared him to all with whom he was brought into contact. On his resignation he was appointed consulting physician to the hospital. As some recognition of his services to that institution a bust, which is a striking likeness of the late professor, was purchased by subscription, and is now placed in the entrance-hall of the-hospital, while a replica adorns the meeting-room of the General Medical Council. In 1880 Professor Paget was created a K.C.B. He leaves a widow and several children.


1851 Census:

Vicarage House, Sutton, Cambridgeshire
Thomas Fardell - Head - 59 - Vicar of Sutton
Emma Clarea An - Wife - 49
Clara Fardell - Daughter - 25
Henry W.H. - Son - 19 - Student at Cambridge University
George Edward Paget - Visitor - 41 - M.D. Cantab. - Practicing Physician, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians

1861 Census:

2 St. Peter's Terrace, St. Mary the Less, Cambridge
George E. Paget - Head - 51 - Yarmouth, Norfolk
Clara Paget - Wife - 35 - York
George E. Paget - Son - 8 - Cambridge
Clara M. - Daughter - 3 - Cambridge
Charles E. - Son - 2 - Cambridge
Rose E. - Daughter - 1 - Cambridge
Violet E. - Daughter - 1 - Cambridge

1871 Census:

2 St. Peter's Terrace , St. Mary the Less, Cambridge
George E. Paget - Head - 61
Clara - Wife - 45
Clara M. - Daughter - 13
Charles E - Son - 12
Rose E. - Daughter 11
Violet E. - Daughter - 11
Alfred J.E. - Son - 1
Owen Frank - Son - 1 month

1881 Census:

2, St Peters Terrace, Cambridge St Mary The Less, Cambridgeshire
George E. Paget - Head - Married - 71 - Physician M.D. Regius Professor of Physic, University of Cambridge - Yarmouth, Norfolk
Clara M. Paget - Daughter - Single - 23 - Cambridge
Charles E. Paget - Son - Single - 22 - Cambridge
Rose Elizabeth Paget - Daughter - Single - 21 - Cambridge
Violet Emma Paget - Daughter - Single - 21 - Cambridge

1891 Census:

Taurallt, Dwygyfylchi, Conway, Caernarvonshire
George Paget - Head - Married - 81 - Regius Professor of ???? Cambridge - Yarmouth, Norfolk
A.J.M. Paget - Son - Single - 21 - 1870 - Student of Medicine - Cambridge
O.F. Paget - Son - Single - 20 - Student of Medicine - Cambridge
C.M. Gadow - Daughter - Married - 33 - 1858 - Cambridge
Violet E. Roy - Daughter - 31 - 1860 - Cambridge
Hans Gadow - Son-in-Law - 31 - 1860 - University Lecturer in Zoology at Cambridge - Prussia

Sir George Edward Paget, K.C.B., M.D.