Birth: 8 June 1806

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Duke Street, Manchester Square, London

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 29 October 1886 - Aged 80

Place or Registered Place of Death: Wrotham Park, Barnet, Hertfordshire

Father: Sir John Byng, 1st Earl of Strafford

Mother: Mary Stevens MacKenzie


1. Lady Agnes Paget

2. Hon. Harriet Elizabeth Cavendish

Date of Marriage:

1. 7 March 1829

2. 16 March 1848

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. Upper Brook Street, London (Duke of Argyle's Residence)

2. Latimer, Buckinghamshire


On 7 March 1829, Byng married Lady Agnes Paget (a daughter of the 1st Marquess of Anglesey) and they had six children:

George Henry Charles, styled Viscount Enfield, later 3rd Earl of Strafford (1830-1898)
Hon. Henry William John, later 4th Earl of Strafford (1831-1899)
Hon. Francis Edmund Cecil, later 5th Earl of Stafford (1835-1918)
Lady Agnes Mary Georgiana (1833-1878), married Hedworth Jolliffe, 2nd Baron Hylton.
Lady Mary Caroline Charlotte (1838-1933), married Richard Arkwright.
Lady Victoria Alexandrina Anna Maria (d. 1899), married Arthur Fuller.

After the death of his wife in 1845, Byng married Hon. Harriett Cavendish (a daughter of the 1st Baron Chesham) and they had seven children:

Hon. Charles Cavendish George (1849-1918)
Hon Alfred John George (1851-1887)
Hon. Lionel Francis George (1858-1915)
Hon. Julian Hedworth George, later 1st Viscount Byng of Vimy (1862-1935)
Lady Susan Catherine Harriet (d. 1936), married Thomas Trueman.
Lady Elizabeth Henrietta Alice (d. 1920)
Lady Margaret Florence Lucy (d. 1945), married Hon. John Richard Boscawen .


George Stevens Byng, 2nd Earl of Strafford, PC (8 June 1806–29 October 1886) was a British peer and politician.

Byng was the eldest son of John Byng (later 1st Earl of Strafford) and his wife, Mary. In 1822, after graduating from the Royal Military College, he joined the 29th Regiment of Foot as an ensign by purchase. In 1825, he transferred to the 85th Regiment of Foot as a Lieutenant and was promoted to Captain in 1826.

Byng's political career began in 1830 when he was elected as Member of Parliament for Milborne Port, a seat he briefly held before taking the post of Comptroller of the Household to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland (his father-in-law), less than a year later. When his former co-MP, William Sturges-Bourne, took the Chiltern Hundreds a few weeks after, Byng returned to his former seat and held it until the Great Reform Bill abolished the constituency a year later. From 1834 he was MP for the new constituency of Chatham before taking the post of Comptroller of the Household in 1835, and held the seat again from 1837-52. He was also briefly Treasurer of the Household in 1841 and Joint Secretary to the Board of Control from 1846-47.

After losing his parliamentary seat in 1852, Byng was called up to the House of Lords in his father's barony of Strafford a year later and inherited his father's earldom in 1860. On his death in 1886, his titles passed to his eldest son, George.

The Hobart Town Courier - Saturday 30 May, 1829
Captain Byng, son of Sir John Byng, commander of the forces, and heir presumptive of the member for Middlesex, is about to marry Lady Agnes Paget, daughter of the Marquess of Anglesey.

The United Service Magazine - Part 1 - 1829 - Page 520
March 7th. The Lady Agnes Paget, fifth daughter of the Marquess of Anglesey, to Capt. George S. Bing, Rifle Brigade, eldest son of Lieut.-Gen. the Rt. Hon. Sir John Byng, K.C.B.

Men of the Time - 1868
STRAFFORD (Earl of), The Right Hon. George Stevens Byng, son of Field-Marshal the first earl (of Peninsular celebrity), born June 8, 1806, was summoned to the Upper House in his father's barony of Strafford, April 8, 1853, and succeeded his father as second earl Juno 3, 1860. He was for some time Comptroller of the Household to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland ; a Lord of the Treasury in 1834, was Comptroller and Treasurer of the Queen's household, and Secretary to the Board of Control. He is Colonel of the West Middlesex Militia, and a Deputy-Lieutenant of that county, and was returned to the House of Commons, in the Liberal interest, for Milborne, Poole, and Chatham, between 1831 and 1852.

The Examiner (London, England), Sunday, March 15, 1829; Issue 1102.
On Saturday week, the Lady Agnes Paget, fifth daughter of the Marquis of Anglesey, to Captain Byng, eldest son of Sir John Byng. The ceremony was performed at the Duchess of Argyll's, in Upper Brook Street. After the ceremony the happy couple left town for Wrotham park, Mr. Byng's seat, in Middlesex. The bride was attired in a superb dress of blonde lace, with two deep flounces, over a rich white satin slip, with a costly veil to correspond.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 168 - 1840
Domestic Occurrences
February 10, 1840
As Comptroller of the Royal Household, the Right Hon. George Stevens Byng was present in the third coach during the procession from Buckingham Palace to St. James' Palace and thence to the Chapel Royal for the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

George Stevens Byng, in his role as Comptroller of the Royal Household was also present at the coronation of Queen Victoria.

Annual Register - 1835
Gazette Promotions
6th - The hon. George Stevens Byng, comptroller of His Majesty's Household.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 171 - 1841
Gazette Promotions
June 23. The Right Hon. George Stevens Byng to be Treasurer of Her Majesty's Household, vice the Earl of Surrey.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 21 - 1844
Gazette Promotions
April 29. West Middlesex Militia, Right Hon. George Stevens Byng to be Colonel.

The Annual Register, Volume 95 - 1853
Gazette Promotions
6th. The Right Hon. George Stevens Byng (commonly called Viscount Enfield), summoned to the House of Peers by title of Baron Strafford, of Harmondsworth.

George Stevens Byng lived at Copel (Cople) House in Bedfordshire from 1842-1853.


1841 Census:

Eaton Square, St George Hanover Square, Westminster
George Byng - 34
Agnes Byng - 36
George Byng - 11
Henry Byng - 9
Agnes Byng - 7
Francis Byng - 6
Mary Byng - 3

Captain George Stevens Byng
2nd Earl of Strafford & Viscount Enfield