Birth: 1849 - June Quarter

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Kensington, Middlesex

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 1933 - December Quarter - Aged 84

Place or Registered Place of Death: Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Father: George Jeudwine

Mother: Mary


1. Harriett Elizabeth Phelps (1853-1918)

2. Mary Margaret Matthew (1865-)

Date of Marriage:

1. 1875 - June Quarter

2. 1921 - March Quarter

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. Fareham, Hampshire

2. Lincoln, Lincolnshire


Edward J.W. Jeudwine (1877-)
Wilfred Wynne Jeudwine (1878-)
Hugh Middleton Jeudwine (1879-)
James Gordon Jeudwine (1880-)
George Herbert Jeudwine (1883-)
Griffith Phelps Jeudwine (1883-1957)
Spencer Henry Jeudwine (1896-1916)
T. Jeudwine (-)


Jeudwine, and forms of the name are of French Huguenot origin.

George Wynne Jeudwine was Canon and Archdeacon of Lincoln Cathedral.

Bishop and Friend - Nugent Hicks, Sixty-fourth Bishop of Lincoln.
Hardly had Hubert Larken settled into his work as Archdeacon, and before Bishop Hine passed away, George Wynne Jeudwine, the Sub-Dean, died at the great age of eighty-four. His powers of wise administration, his wide knowledge of the Diocese, his spirit of adventure were no longer to be at the service of the Bishop or Diocese.

The new Bishop had a second appointment to make in his staff, and indeed a third as well, for at the Diocesan Conference in October, after speaking of Jeudwine's thoroughness and the high standard of his spiritual life, he went on to announce that schemes, long germinating, for the division of the Diocese into three Arch-Deaconries, instead of two, had been brought to fruition.

Ashburton Guardian (New Zealand) 2 December 1921
The Hon. George Wynne Jeudwine, Archdeacon of Lincoln, who is aged 71, was married to Miss Mary Margaret Matthew recently.

Mr. T. Jeudwine, son of the archdeacon, was the best man.

Despite his advanced age, the archdeacon is very active. One of his recreations is gardening. His first wife died nearly three years ago, leaving seven sons and four daughters. The bride is many years the junior of the archdeacon. She is keenly interested in church work, and, especially in overseas missions.

(George was married at Lincoln during the March quarter of 1921. Mary was born was born in Spilsby, Lincolnshire during the June quarter of 1865 - she was thus 16 years younger than than George.)


1881 Census:

The Vicarage, Upton-Gray, Hampshire
George W. Jeudwine - Head - Married - 31 - 1850 - Vicar - Kensington, Middlesex
Harriett E. Jeudwine - Wife - 28 - 1853 - Wife of Vicar - Milton, Hampshire
Edward J.W. Jeudwine - Son - 4 - 1877 - Upton Grey, Hampshire
Wilfred M. Jeudwine - Son - 3 - 1878 - Upton Grey, Hampshire
Hugh M. Jeudwine - Son - 2 - 1879 - Upton Grey, Hampshire
James G. Jeudwine - Son - 1 - 1880 - Upton Grey, Hampshire

Ven. The Rev. George Wynne Jeudwine, M.A.