Birth: 9 September 1909

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 7 February 1955 - Aged 45

Place or Registered Place of Death: Chapel en le Frith, Derbyshire

Father: Montgomerie Lancelot Carleton

Mother: Marguerite Helen Darell

Spouse(s): Winifred Gwendolyn Marie Paget

Date of Marriage: 10 July 1934

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Brompton Oratory), Kensington, London


John Byng Oswald Carleton Paget (1939-)
David Derek Byng Carleton Paget (1946-)


Guy Montgomerie Carleton Paget was born on 9 September 1909. He was the son of Brig.-Gen. Montgomery Lancelot Carleton and Marguerite Helen Darell. He married Winifred Gwendolyn Marie Paget, daughter of Major John Byng Paget, on 12 July 1934. He and Winifred Gwendolyn Marie Paget were divorced in 1952. He died on 7 February 1955 at age 45.

Guy Montgomerie Carleton Paget was baptised with the name of Guy Montgomerie Carleton. On 12 July 1934 his name was legally changed to Guy Montgomerie Carleton Paget by Deed Poll. He gained the rank of Major in the service of the Middlesex Yeomanry. He fought in the Second World War.

The Times - July 11, 1934
Mr. G.M. Carleton and Miss Paget
The marriage took place yesterday at Brompton Oratory of Mr. Guy Montgomery Carleton, only son of Brigadier-General and Mrs. M. L. Carleton, of 27, Pulteney Street, Bath, and Miss Winifred G. M. Paget, elder daughter of Major and Mrs. J. B. Paget, of Ibstock Place, Roehampton. Father John Talbot took the service.

Major Guy Montgomerie Carleton