Birth: 9 May 1819

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Redworth Hall, Redworth, Durham

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 31 July 1895 - Aged 76

Place or Registered Place of Death: St. Hillier's, Alverstoke, Hampshire

Place of Burial: St. Michael, Heighington, Durham

Father: Robert Surtees (1781-1857)

Mother: Elizabeth Cookson (1783-1847)


1. Elizabeth Snell Chauncy

2. Mary Isabel Adams

Date of Marriage:

1. 6 December 1843

2. 14 July 1870

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. Little Munden Church, Ware, Hertfordshire

2. St. Luke's, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


Marriage to Elizabeth Snell Chauncy:

Elizabeth Ellen Surtees (1844-1914)
Caroline Isabel Surtees (1848-1946)
Georgina Mary Surtees (1849-1876)

Marriage to Mary Isabel Adams:

Henry Siward Balliol Surtees (1873-)
Cicely Isabel Surtees (1872-)
Robert Lambton Surtees (1879-)


Captain Henry Edward Surtees of Co. Durham M.P., D.L., J.P , served in 10th Hussars. He lived at Dale End, Hertfordshire, England and at Redworth Hall, Durham, County Durham, England. He was the Sheriff of Durham in 1876. He was educated at Harrow. Officer in the 10th Royal Hussars.

The United Service Magazine, Part 1 - March 1838
Promotions and Appointments
War Office, Feb. 23
10th - Henry Edward Surtees, Gent, to be Cornet by purch. vice Harbord, who retires.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 216 - 1864
Appointments, Preferments and Promotions
Members Returned to Serve in Parliament
March 15. County of Hertford. - Henry Edward Surtees, esq., of Dane End, near Ware, in the said county, in the room of Christopher Wm. Giles Puller, esq., deceased.
M.P. until 1868.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 15 - 1844
6 December 1843
At Little Munden, Henry Edward, second son of Robert Surtees, esq., of Redworth House, co. Durham, late of the 10th Hussars, to Eliza-Snell, only dau. of Charles Chauncy, esq., of Dane End, Herts.

Debrett's Illustrated House of Commons and the Judicial Bench
H. E. Surtees. (Hertfordshire).
Henry Edward Surtees, son of the late Robert Surtees, Esq., of Redworth House, co. Durham, by Elizabeth, d. of Isaac Cookson, Esq., of Whitehill, co. Durham. He was born May 9th, 1819, and was ed. at Harrow. In 1843 he m. Eliza Snell,-who died October 1854,-d. of Charles Snell Chauncy, Esq., of Dane End, Hertfordshire. Became Lieut. 10th Hussars 1839; retired 1843. Is a J.P. for Hertfordshire and Durham. A Conservative. A supporter of Lord Derby's general policy. First elected for Hertfordshire, March 1864.

Issue-Elizabeth Ellen, m., 1864, the Rev. Edwin Prodgers; Caroline Isabel, m., 1866, R.. H. Paget, Esq., M.P.; Georgina Mary.

Arms-For Surtees, per pale, sin., er.: on a canton, gu., an escut., or.; dex., sa., a fesse, ar., a crescent, gu., between three pascal lambs, ar. Crest-A plume of three feathers out of a du. cor.

Clubs-Carlton, Junior Carlton, Army and Navy.

Seats-Dane End, near Ware; The Grove, Bishop Auckland; Redworth House, Darlington.

Parish Records Collection - Burial
Year: 1895
Age: 76
Years: 76
Forenames: Henry Edward
Surname: Surtees
Place: Heighington
Description: St Michael
County: Durham
Country: England

Robert Surtees, the son of Crosier Surtees (1739-1803) and Jane Surtees of Redworth (1752-) (first Cousin), was born 22 June 1782 at Redworth House, Darlington, Durham - Robert died there on 8 April 1857, aged 75.

Elizabeth Cookson, the daughter of Isaac Cookson, Esq. (1745-1831), of Whitehill, co. Durham and Margaret Wilkinson (-1801), was born at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in Northumberland on 15 December 1783 and was baptised at St. John's church in that city on 12 April 1874. Elizabeth died at Redworth House on 8 May 1847, aged 63 and buried at Heighington, Durham.

Robert Surtees and Elizabeth Cookson were married at Chester-Le-Street, Durham on 24 October 1811.

Crosier Surtees and Jane Surtees were married 12 September 1769 at Heighington, Durham.

Crosier Surtees succeeded to the Surtees estates in 1769 by direct succession and by marrying his cousin the co-heir but fell out severely with his wife (or vice-versa) and retired to live at Pennnington Rake around 1800 with a woman who bore him several children. He died in December 1803 having been found frozen after falling from his pony returning from a dinner at Raby Castle. He was succeeded by his son Robert Surtees who continued to live at Redworth House.

Robert Surtees was succeeded by his son Robert Lambton Surtees in 1857 but he died in 1863 to be succeeded by his brother Henry Edward Surtees. Henry developed The Grove as a hunting lodge and kept a pack of hounds at The Grove until the 1870s. Henry Edward was in turn succeeded by Henry Siward Surtees in 1895.

Crosier Surtees was one of the first officers of the new Durham Militia. He was born at Merryshields, Northumberland in 1739 and was 20 years old when the Earl of Darlington commissioned him as a Lieutenant in the Grenadier Company of the Durham Militia. He soon decided however that soldiering, even part-time, was not for him and he resigned in 1761. Though not before he had had this magnificent portrait painted of himself in uniform.

10 years later in 1769, he married his first cousin Jane and acquired Redworth Hall near Darlington. It was an unhappy marriage, and around 1800 Jane left her husband and her children. Crosier then retired to Pennington Rake near Hamsterley, where a local woman bore him several more children.

He was described by the Surtees family history as a "designing, artful man, a bad character". There was little sadness then, when, on the 21 December 1803, he was found frozen to death in the Linburn Beck, north of Raby Castle after falling drunkenly from his horse. He was aged 65 and, according to the family history, died "unlamented".

The London Magazine, Volume 38 - September 1769
Crosier Surtees, of Merrisheels, Northumberland, Esq., to Miss Surtees.


Reports From Commissioners - 1828
A messuage, with the appurtenances, called Hill House, with a close called Cow Close, containing eight acres ; another parcel of land at Salterburn Foot, called the Gill, containing eight acres; also three plots of land, containing respectively 15 acres, 7 r. 2 p., and 19 acres set out under an Act of Parliament passed 31 Geo. 2, upon an inclosure of the commons in the chapelry of Hamsterley, in the manor of Wolsingham, to George Surtees, esquire, deceased, in respect of the copyhold premises in the township of Lynesack and Softley, which he then held by lease from the governors. These premises were demised to Robert Surtees and Crosier Surtees, their heirs, &c., by Copy of Court-Roll, bearing date 18th May 1782, for the lives of Robert Surtees, son of the said Crosier, aged one year, Dorothy and Lucy Surtees, daughters of the said Crosier, aged respectively nine and four years, at the yearly rent of.........
These premises are now held by — Surtees, one of the lives being still in existence.

Newcastle Courant - Oct. 26th. 1811
On Thursday at Chester-le-Street, Robert Surtees of Redworth House, County Durham to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Isaac Cookson, of Whitehill in the same County.

Robert married secondly Anne Hepburne Mercer at Melcombe Regis in Dorset on 10 July 1850, widow of Justinian Alstan - she died, aged 35 on 15 September 1858.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 2 - May 1857
April 8
Aged 76, Robert Surtees, esq., of Redworth House, near Darlington, and of Merryshields, Northumberland, many years a magistrate and deputy-lieut. of the county of Durham, and late high-sheriff of that county.

Newcastle Courant - Feb. 29th. 1772
Monday was married at All Saints, Isaac Cookson, of Hanover Square, to Miss Wilkinson of Pilgrim Street, sister to Christopher Wilkinson Esq., Sheriff of this town.

Newcastle Courant - Jan. 17th. 1778
Birth. Sunday the lady of Isaac Cookson, of a daughter at his house in Hanover-square.

Newcastle Courant - Dec. 20th. 1783
Birth. Sunday the lady of Isaac Cookson, of a daughter at his house in Hanover Square. (Elizabeth)

Newcastle Courant - Aug. 5th. 1786
Birth. Thursday in Hanover Square, Mrs.Cookson, wife of Isaac Cookson, of a daughter.
Jan. 20th. 1787 Died. Tuesday, Miss Cookson, eldest daughter of Isaac Cookson.

Isaac Cookson had a numerous family, to each of which he left a fortune of nearly £40,000. They were as follow: 1. John Cookson, of Whitehill, esq.; 2. James, a Colonel in tbe army; 3. Thomas, a merchant in Newcastle, and of Chester cottage; 4. Isaac, a merchant in Newcastle, and of Gatesbead Park house; 5. Christopher, the subject of the preceding notice; 6. Joseph, a merchant and glass manufacturer at Bristol; and 7. Septimus, a merchant at Bristol, who died before bis father ; all of whom have married and had issue, except John and Christopher: likewise two daughters, Elizabeth, married to Robert Surtees, of Redworth, esq. and has issue; and Emma-Donna, unmarried. Mr. Joseph Cookson, brother of Isaac, was a well-known member of the Turf, and owner of the celebrated horse Diamond.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 181 - June 1847
Durham.—May 8. Elizabeth, wife of Robert Surtees, esq. of Redworth House, and Pilmore, and eldest sister of Joseph Cookson, esq. of Clifton.

The children of Robert Surtees and Elizabeth Cookson were:

Robert Lambton Surtees (1812-1863)
Henry Edward Surtees (1819-1895)
Charles Freville Surtees (1823-1906)
Margaret Caroline Surtees (-)

Captain Henry Edward Surtees, M.P., J.P., D.L.