Birth: 13 March 1736

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Garlies, Kirkcudbright, Scotland

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 13 November 1806

Place or Registered Place of Death: Galloway House, Wigtown, Scotland

Date of Burial: 27 November 1806

Place of Burial: Sorbie, Wigtown, Scotland

Father: Alexander Stewart, 6th Earl of Galloway (1695-1773)

Mother: Lady Catherine Cochrane (1710-1786)


1. Charlotte Mary Greville

2. Anne Dashwood

Date of Marriage:

1. 14 August 1762

2. 13 June 1764

Place or Registered Place of Marriage:

1. St. Mary, Warwick, Warwickshire

2. St. George's, Hanover Square, Middlesex


Marriage to Anne Dashwood:

Catherine Stewart (1765-1836)
Alexander Stewart (1766-1766)
Susan Stewart (1767-1841)
George Stewart (1768-1834)
Anne Harriet Stewart (1769-1850)
Elizabeth Euphemia Stewart (1771-1855)
Leveson Keith Stewart (1772-1780)
Georgiana Frances Stewart (1776-1804)
William Stewart (1774-1827)
Charles James Stewart (1775-1837)
Charlotte Stewart (1777-1842)
Caroline Stewart (1778-1818)
Montgomery Granville John Stewart (1780-1860)
Edward Richard Stewart (1782-1851)
James Henry Keith Stewart (1783-1836)
Georgiana Charlotte Sophia Stewart (1785-1809)


John Stewart, 7th Earl of Galloway KT (13 March 1736 – 13 November 1806) was a Scottish peer, styled Viscount Garlies from 1747 until 1773. He succeeded his father Alexander in 1773. He was elected one of the representative peers, representing the Peerage of Scotland in the House of Lords, in 1774 and sat there until the 1790s. From 1783 until his death he was a Lord of the Bedchamber to King George III.

The Earl, a Tory, was the target of two hostile poems by Robert Burns, John Bushby's Lamentation and On the Earl of Galloway.

Galloway, a frequent opera-goer, was caricatured by James Gillray in An Old Encore at the Opera! of 1803.

On 14 August 1762, he married Lady Charlotte Greville (died 1763), the daughter of Francis Greville, 1st Earl of Warwick. They had two sons, both of whom died in infancy.

After Charlotte's death, he married Anne Dashwood, daughter of Sir James Dashwood, 2nd Baronet, on 13 June 1764. They had sixteen children:

Lady Catherine Stewart (18 March 1765 – 20 September 1836), married Sir James Graham, 1st Baronet in 1781.

Hon. Alexander Stewart (18 February 1766 – 29 March 1766).

Lady Susan Stewart (10 April 1767 – 2 April 1841), married George Spencer-Churchill, 5th Duke of Marlborough in 1791.

Adm. George Stewart, 8th Earl of Galloway (24 March 1768–27 March 1834)

Lady Anne Harriet Stewart (2 November 1769 – 30 January 1850), married Lord Spencer Chichester in 1795.

Lady Elizabeth Euphemia Stewart (6 October 1771 – 12 November 1855), married William Philips Inge in 1798.

Hon. Leveson Keith Stewart (4 October 1772 – 12 September 1780).

Lady Georgiana Frances Stewart (15 May 1776 – 12 April 1804).

Lt.-Gen. Hon. Sir William Stewart (10 January 1774–7 January 1827).

Rt. Rev. Hon. Charles James Stewart (15 April 1775 – 13 July 1837), Bishop of Quebec.

Lady Charlotte Stewart (7 August 1777 – May 1842), married Sir Edward Crofton, 3rd Baronet in 1801.

Lady Caroline Stewart (23 October 1778 – 1818), married Rev. Hon. George Rushout-Bowles in 1803; mother of George Rushout, 3rd Baron Northwick.

Hon. Montgomery Granville John Stewart (15 April 1780–10 January 1860).

Hon. Edward Richard Stewart (5 May 1782–27 May 1851).

Lt.-Col. James Henry Keith Stewart (22 October 1783–18 July 1836).

Lady Georgiana Charlotte Sophia Stewart (1 February 1785 – 1809), married Col. Hon. William Bligh in 1806

Being the fourth son, he became Lord Garlies only in 1746. When his father died in 1773 he then became 7th Earl of Galloway. However, from 1761 until 1768 he was M.P. for Morpeth, and from 1768 until 1773 for Ludgershall. He was a Lord of Police, 1768-1782; a Representative Peer for Scotland, 1774-1790; a Lord of the Bedchamber, 1784-1806; and Lord Lieutenant of the county Wigtown, 1794-1806.

On 14 August 1762 he married the 17-year-old Lady Charlotte Mary Greville, who died in her eighteenth year, 31 May 1763, in Edinburgh. On 13 June 1764 he married Anne Dashwood. According to the Gentlemen's Magazine, "He was much devoted to agricultural pursuits, and was long remarkable for his attendance at the opera". He died of gout in the stomach, at Galloway House, county Wigtown, in his 71st year.

Alexander Stewart, 6th Earl of Galloway, son of James Stewart and Catherine Montgomerie, was born about 1695 at Penninghame, Wigtown in Scotland, where he was baptised on 20 August of that year. Alexander died at Aix-en-Provence in France on 24 September 1773.

Catherine Cochrane, the daughter of John Campbell Cochrane, 4th Earl of Dundonald and Lady Anne Murray, was born about 1710 at Canongate, Midlothian in Scotland. Catherine died at Bath in Somerset on 15 May 1786.

Alexander Stewart was twice married:

Firstly to Lady Anne Keith, the daughter of William Keith, 8th Earl Marischal and Lady Mary Drummond. They were married.before 1719. Anne Keith died about 1728. There was one child from this marriage:

Mary Stewart (1720-1751)

Secondly to Catherine Cochrane at Edinburgh, Midlothian in Scotland on 5 January 1729. There were seven children from this marriage:

Susanna Stewart (1736-1805)
Margaret Stewart (1738-1762)
Catherine Stewart (1735-)
Charlotte Stewart (1741-1818)
Harriet Stewart (1744-1788)
John Stewart, 7th Earl of Galloway (1736-1806)
Admiral Keith Stewart (1739-1795)

Alexander Stewart, 6th Earl of Galloway was born circa 1694. He was the son of James Stewart, 5th Earl of Galloway and Lady Catherine Montgomerie. He married, firstly, Lady Anne Keith, daughter of William Keith, 8th Earl Marischal and Lady Mary Drummond, before 1719. He married, secondly, Lady Catherine Cochrane, daughter of John Campbell Cochrane, 4th Earl of Dundonald and Lady Anne Murray, in 1729. He died on 24 September 1773.

Sir John Stewart
7th Earl of Galloway