Birth: 23 March 1768

Place or Registered Place of Birth: St. James's, Westminster, Middlesex

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 31 March 1840 - Aged 72

Place or Registered Place of Death: Florence Court, co. Fermanagh, Ireland

Date of Burial: 13 April 1840

Place of Burial: Erne Church, co. Fermanagh, Ireland

Father: William Willoughby Cole

Mother: Anna Lowry

Spouse(s): Charlotte Paget

Date of Marriage: 15 October 1805

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Plas-Newydd, Anglesey, Wales


Rt. Hon. William Willoughby Cole (1807-1886)
Hon. Henry Arthur Cole (1809-1890)
Lady Jane Anne Louisa Florence Cole (1811-1831)
Hon. John Lowry Cole (1813-1882)
Hon. Lowry Balfour Cole (1815-1818)


John Willoughby Cole, 2nd Earl of Enniskillen succeeded to the title of 3rd Baron Mountflorence of Florence Court, co. Fermanagh [I., 1760] on 22 May 1803. He succeeded to the title of 2nd Viscount Enniskillen, co. Fermanagh [I., 1776] on 22 May 1803. He succeeded to the title of 2nd Earl of Enniskillen [I., 1789] on 22 May 1803. He was created 1st Baron Grinstead, of Grinstead, co. Wilts [U.K.] on 11 August 1815. He held the office of Lord-Lieutenant of County Fermanagh. He held the office of Custos Rotulorum of County Fermanagh. He was invested as a Knight, Order of St. Patrick (K.P.). He held the office of Representative Peer [Ireland].

The Gentleman's Magazine - 1840
The Earl Of Enniskillen.
March 31. At Florence Court, co. Fermanagh, in his 72d year, the Right Hon. John Willoughby Cole, second Earl of Enniskillen (1789), Viscount Enniskillen (1776), and third Baron Mountflorence, of Florence Court, co. Fermanagh (1760), all titles in the peerage of Ireland; and the first Baron Grinstead of Grinstead, co. Wilts, in that of the United Kingdom; also a Representative Peer for Ireland ; K. P.; Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of the county of Fermanagh, &c.

His lordship was born on the 23d March, 1768, the eldest son of William Willoughby the first Earl, by Anne, only daughter of Galbraith Lowry Cole, esq. and sister to the first Earl of Belmore.

He represented the county of Fermanagh in the Parliament of Ireland, and afterwards in that of the United Kingdom, until the death of his father, May 22, 1803. In the same year he raised four bodies of volunteers, viz. the Trillick, the Taugher, the Lurdganderah, and the Callow-hill. On his father's death, or shortly after, he was elected a Representative Peer of Ireland; and on the 11th Aug. 1815, he was created a Peer of the United Kingdom, by the title of Baron Grinstead, of Grinstead, co. Wilts. He was nominated a Knight of St. Patrick in 1814.

The Earl of Enniskillen was exceedingly popular in his own country; and nothing could exceed the terms of regret in which his loss is lamented by several of the Irish papers. His body was interred in the family vault underneath Erne church, on Monday the 13th of April, attended by his two sons, the present Earl, and the Hon. John Cole; and his two brothers, Gen. Sir Lowry Cole, and the Hon. Henry Arthur Cole; his brothers in law Mr. Townley Balfour and Mr. Owen Wynne, of Haslewood, and other relatives. The service was read by the Hon. and Rev. J. C. Maude.

His lordship married, Oct. 15, 1805, Lady Charlotte Paget, fourth daughter of Henry first Earl of Uxbridge, and sister to the Marquess of Anglesey, K.G., and by that lady, who died on the 26th Jan. 1817, he had issue three sons who survive him, besides another son and one daughter who are deceased. Their names arc as follow:

1. the Right Hon. William Willoughby now Earl of Enniskillen, late M.P. in the present Parliament for the county of Fermanagh; he was born in 1807, but is at present unmarried;

2. the Hon. Henry Arthur Cole, Capt. 7th Dragoons, Colonel of the Fermanagh Militia, and M.P. for Enniskillen; b. 14 February 1809.

3. Lady Jane-Anne-Louisa Florence, 27 July 1811 and who died 23 March 1831, in her 20th year;

4. the Hon. John Cole, born 8 June 1813; and:

5. the Hon. Lowry-Balfour, born 6 June 1815 and who died 22 January 1818, in his third year.

John Willoughby Cole
2nd Earl of Enniskillen