Birth: 1875 - March Quarter

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Earles, Reading Wilderness, Berkshire (Reg. Wokingham)

Baptism: Not Known

Place of Baptism: Not Known

Death: 15 October 1944 - Aged 69

Place or Registered Place of Death: Weston, nr. Bath, Somerset

Father: Sir Lionel Edward Darell, 5th Bart. (1845-1919)

Mother: Helen Frances Marsland (1849-1937)

Spouse(s): Montgomerie Lancelot Carleton

Date of Marriage: 16 December 1908

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. George's, Hanover Square, London


Guy Montgomerie Carleton (1909-1955)


Sir Lionel Edward Darell, the son of Rev. Sir William Lionel Darell (1817-1883), 4th Bart, and Harriet Mary Tierny (1839-1873), was born at Fretherne in Gloucestershire on 6 September 1845. Sir Lionel died at St. Martin in London on 17 February 1919, aged 73.

Helen Frances Marsland, the daughter of Edward Marsland (1818-1865) and Jane Haigh (1828-), who were married December quarter, 1843, was born at Pownall Hall, Pownall, Cheshire during the September quarter of 1849. Helen died at Brighton in Sussex on 25 September 1937.

Sir Lionel Edward Darell and Helen Frances Marsland were married at Macclesfield in Cheshire on 26 June 1870.

Edward Marshland lived at Henbury Park, Cheshire, England. Edward was a Grocer and Tea Dealer's Assistant. (1851 Census)


1851 Census:

West Field, Trinity Street, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Mary Haigh - Head - Widow - 70 - 1781 - Annuitant - Halifax, Yorkshire
Helen Frances Marsland - Granddaughter - 1 - 1850 - Pownell Hall, Cheshire


The children of Sir Lionel Edward Darell and Helen Frances Marsland were:

Violet Mary Darell (1872-1938)
Evelyn May Darell (1873-1949)
Marguerite Helen Darell (1875-1944)
Sir Lionel Edward Hamilton Marmaduke Darell, 6th Bart. (1876-1954)
Brig.-Gen. William Harry Verelst Darell (1878-1954)
Dorothy Muriel Darell (1881-1961)
Lt.-Col. Guy Marsland Darell (1883-1947)
Barbara Gladys Darell (1885-1913)

Marguerite Helen Darell