Nicholas Pitts - Part Two

In his will, Nicholas bequeathed all land in the parishes of Loddiswell and Modbury to his son Nicholas William Prettejohn Pitts; and all the lands in the vicinity of South Allington to Thomas Harris Pitts, his second son. He provided legacies to all the daughters, which were tied to the income from the lands and cottages left to his sons - the legacies were paid in instalments, unless a daughter wished to realise the capital. Mary Dorothea is the exception to this last provision as she was incapacitated in some way, and, in any case, she pre-deceased her father. Nicholas also provided for Elizabeth in the following terms:

“And I give and bequeath unto my dear wife Elizabeth Prettejohn Pitts the sum of five hundred pounds sterling to be paid to her for her immediate use within one month after my decease. Also I give her the right of occupying my dwelling house at South Allington aforesaid as a residence for herself and my daughters for the period of twelve calendar months next after my decease free of rent and taxes. I also give and bequeath unto my said wife my four large family portraits, all my pianos and such articles of plate linen china pictures books and household furniture belonging to me in my said dwelling house as she may select for her absolute use.”

Nicholas also provided a legacy for Elizabeth, which would be paid in regular instalments and would derive from the incomes of the farm lands and cottages and other properties bequeathed to his two sons.

The Will of Nicholas Pitts
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