Birth: 25 June 1843

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

Baptism: 22 July 1843

Place of Baptism: Saint Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, Kent

Death: 2 February 1931 - Aged 87

Place or Registered Place of Death: Bournemouth, Hampshire

Father: Rear-Admiral Sir Francis Augustus Collier (1785-1849)

Mother: Catherine Thistlethwaite (Thistlethwayte) (1808-1894)

Spouse(s): Carr Stuart Glyn

Date of Marriage: 20 October 1864

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Wickham, Hampshire


Augusta Julia Carr Glyn (1865-1944)
Katherine Carr Glyn (1868-1945)
Evelyn Carr Glyn (1869-1902)
Frances Carr Glyn (1871-1941)


Sir Francis Augustus Collier, the son of Vice-Admiral Sir George Collier (1738-1795) and Elizabeth Fryer (1760-1831), who were married 19 July 1781, was born at Marylebone in London on 7 August 1785 and baptised at Wandsworth in London on 16 September of that year. Sir Francis died at Hong Kong in China on 28 October 1849.

Catherine Thistlethwaite, the daughter of Thomas Thistlethwaite (1779-1850) and Mary Anne Guitton (1775-1823) (Married in 1803), was born at Southwick in Hampshire on 17 September 1808 and baptised there on 16 December 1813. Catherine died at Christchurch in Hampshire during the September quarter of 1894, aged 85.

Sir Francis Augustus Collier and Catherine Thistlethwaite were married at Southwick in Hampshire on 14 March 1831.

Sir George Collier (11 May 1738 – 6 April 1795) was an officer of the Royal Navy who saw service during the Seven Years War, the American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary Wars. As commander of the frigate HMS Rainbow, he was one of the most successful British naval commanders during the opening stages of war with America. He achieved considerable success as one of the senior officers on the North American coast, conducting and organizing several highly effective raids and counter-strikes. He was superseded however, and returned to Britain to play a role in the closing events of the war in European waters, before moving ashore to start a political career. He enjoyed a brief return to service with the resumption of war with France, and achieved flag rank, but died shortly afterwards.

Collier was born in London on 11 May 1738, the eldest son of George Collier. He was born into a middle class family and entered the Royal Navy in 1751. He served initially on the Home station, and in the East Indies with Sir George Pocock during the Seven Years War. He was promoted to commander on 6 August 1761, and then to post-captain on 12 July 1762 with the frigate HMS Boulogne as his first command. With the conclusion of the Treaty of Paris and the end of the Seven Years War, the Boulogne was paid off and Collier was given command of the Plymouth HMS Edgar, where he would remain for the next three years. The command of a series of frigates followed in quick succession, HMS Tweed, HMS Levant and HMS Flora.

Collier had married twice during his lifetime, once in 1773 to Christina Gwyn, with whom he had a son; and again in 1781 to Elizabeth Fryer, with whom he had two daughters and four sons. Two of these sons went into the army, the other two followed their father into the Navy. One son was Francis Augustus Collier, who like his father achieved flag rank. Sir George had written a stage version of Beauty and the Beast prior to the American War of Independence, entitled Selima and Asor. It was performed at Drury Lane in 1776, and received favourable reviews. He had also written an account of his visits to Paris and Brussels in the summer of 1773, which were published by his granddaughter in 1885 under the title France on the Eve of the Great Revolution.

The Book of Dignities - By Joseph Haydn
Sir Francis-Augustus Collier, knt, K. C. H.: in early service, attached to the Vanguard, 74, flag-ship of sir Horatio Nelson, at tho battle of the Nile, 1798. Present, in the Foudroyant, 80, at the capture of Le Gencreux, 74, and the Ville de Marseilles, Feb. 1800; and also, in company with the Lion and Penelope, at the capture of Le Guillaume Tell, 84, in which achievement he was wounded March following. Served on shore at the reduction of St, Lucia and Tobago, June 1803; and shared in the capture of Martinique, Feb. 1809. Subsequently rendered valuable service in the Persian Gulf, on the coast of Africa, &c.: died, commanding in chief in the East Indies, Oct. 1849.

St. James Magazine - By Sir Bernard Duke
Sir Francis Collier, K.B.
Sir Francis Augustus Collier, K.B., Commander-in-Chief of her Majesty's naval force in the east, was the third son of the late Vice-Admiral Sir George Collier, C.B. Sir Francis entered the navy in 1798, under Nelson, on board the Vanguard, and was present at the battle of the Nile. From that time forward he served gallantly throughout the war, distinguishing himself by the capture of various French vessels of importance.

From 1827 to 1830, Collier was Commander-in-Chief on the coast of Africa, and during that period 36,000 slaves were restored to freedom. In 1830, he received the honour of knighthood, and he was since made a K.B. Sir Francis, while holding his last appointment (that of Commander-in-chief of our naval force in the east), did great benefit to the mercantile community by his ready protection afforded at all times to British commerce. A public address was handed to him only a few days before his death, thanking him for the energy ha displayed in the extirpation of piracy.

Sir Francis Collier died of apoplexy, on the 28th of October last, at the residence of Judge Hulme, at Hong-Kong, where ho had been staying since his return from China.

The United Service Magazine - 1831
March 14th. At Southwick, Capt. Sir Francis Collier, R.N. C. B. to Catherine, daughter of Thomas Thistlethwayte, Esq. of Southwick Park.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 34 - November 1850
Thomas Thistlethwayte, Esq.
Sept. 14, (being the 71st anniversary of his birth,) at Southwick Park, Hampshire, Thomas Thistlethwayte, esq. a deputy lieutenant and magistrate of that county, hereditary constable of Portchester Castle, and warden of the Forest of Bere.

He was the second but eldest surviving son of Robert Thistlethwayte, esq. of Norman Court, Hampshire, M.P. for that county from 1780 to 1790, by Selina, daughter and coheir of Sir Thomas Frederick, Bart.-that lady being his cousin, as their mothers were Anne and Selina, two of the daughters of Peter Bathurst, esq. of Clarendon Park, by Lady Selina Shirley, daughter of Robert first Earl Ferrers.

Mr. Thistlethwayte was in early life a Captain in the Hampshire militia. He afterwards raised a company of volunteers in Southwick; and he commanded the Portsdown corps of yeomanry cavalry, but left the command on being unable to enforce so rigid a discipline as he wished. He succeeded to the estates of the family on the death of his father in 1800. In 1806 he served the office of High Sheriff of Hampshire ; and in November of the same year he stood a contested election for the county, which lasted for six days. His name was placed at the head of the poll, which terminated as follows :-

Thomas Thistlethwayte, esq. . 2373
Hon. William Herbert . . . . . . .2318
William Chute, esq. . . . . . . . . .1971
Sir H. P. St. John Mildmay . . .1880

The mansion of Norman Court, which his great-grandfather had acquired by marriage with the heiress of Whithed, was sacrificed to defray the expenses of this arduous struggle ; and Mr. Thistlethwayte did not again contest the seat at the general election of the following year; on which occasion Mr. Herbert was also defeated, and Sir Henry Mildmay and Mr. Chute were returned.

Mr. Thistlethwayte was twice married: first, on the 2d April, 1803, to Mary-Anne, second daughter of John Guitton, esq. of Wickham, Hants; she died in 1823;and secondly, Jan. 16, 1827, to Tryphena, daughter of the Right Rev. Henry Bathurst, Lord Bishop of Norwich. By the former lady he had issue two sons, Thomas, born 1811, and Alexander, born 1814, died in 1841 ; and eight daughters, namely, -1. Selina, married in 1827 to William Gamier, esq. of Rookesbury, Hants, eldest son of the Rev. William Garnier, and nephew to the Earl of Guildford ; 2. Elizabeth, married to Colonel Custance, Commandant at Parkhurst barracks ; 3. Mary-Anne, married to the Rev. Stephen Butler, and died in 1837; 4. Catharine, married to Sir Francis Collier, R.N.; 5. Louisa, married in 1831 to Edward W. Trafford, esq. of Wroxham Hall, Norfolk; 6. Matilda, married in 1838, to George Orred, esq. of Tranmere, Cheshire; 7. Caroline, married to John P. Bruce Chichester, esq. sometime M.P. for Barnstaple; and 8. Laura, married in 1847 to Major Charles Dunsanne, of the 42d Royal Highlanders. By his second wife Mr. Thistlethwayte had further issue two sons, Augustus-Frederick, born in 1830; and Arthur-Henry, born in 1832; and one daughter, named Grace. The first of these was a godson of his late R.H. the Duke of Sussex, who was a frequent guest at Southwick Park.

The present Mr. Thistlethwayte, the eldest son and heir of the deceased, has married, during the present year, a daughter of the late Lieut.-General the Hon. Sir Hercules Pakenham, K.C.B. Lieut.-Governor of Portsmouth, and niece to the late Duchess of Wellington.


1851 Census:

Winchester Road, North Wickham, Hampshire
Katherine Collier - Head - Widow - 42 - 1809 - Admiral's Widow - Southwick, Hampshire
Selina C. Collier - Daughter - 7 - 1844 - Scholar at Home - Woolwich, Kent
J. Augusta Martin - Step Daughter - Married - 35 - 1816 - Wife of J.P.B. Martin Esq. - Esaton, Devonshire
Frances J. Wainwright - Step Daughter - Married - 30 - 1821 - Wife of Commander Wainwright - Stowry, Somersetshire

1861 Census:

West Street, Southwick, Hampshire
Elizabeth - Head - Widow - 55 - 1806 - Independent - Southwick, Hampshire
Catherine Collier - Sister - 52 - 1809 - Independent - Southwick, Hampshire
Selina Collier - Niece - 17 - 1844 - Scholar - Woolwich, Kent

1871 Census:

Exeter Park, Holdenhurst, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Katherine Collier - Boarder - 62 - 1809 - Landowner - Southwick, Hampshire

1881 Census:

64, West Hall, Folke, Dorsetshire
Carr Stuart Glyn - Head - Married - 42 - 1839 - Magistrate - Witchampton, Dorset
Selina C. Glyn - Wife Married - 37 - 1844 - Magistrates Wife - Woolwich, Kent
Augusta J C. Glyn - Daughter - Single - 15 - 1866 - Scholar - Chichester, Sussex
Katherine C. Glyn - Daughter - Single - 13 - 1868 - Scholar - Newbridge, Ireland
Evelyn C. Glyn - Daughter - Single - 11 - 1870 - Scholar - Buckland Newton
Frances C. Glyn - Daughter - Single - 9 - 1872 - Scholar - Buckland Newton
Katherine Collier - Mother In Law - Widow - 72 - 1809 - Knights Widow - Southwick, Wiltshire


The children of Sir Francis Augustus Collier and Catherine Thistlethwaite were:

Alexander Thistlethwaite Collier (1840-1861)
Selina Catherine Collier (1843-1931)

Selina Catherine Collier