Birth: 23 June 1750

Place or Registered Place of Birth: St. Albans, Hertfordshire

Baptism: 17 July 1750

Place of Baptism: Watford, Hertfordshire

Death: 25 April 1814

Place or Registered Place of Death: Not Known

Father: James Grimston, 2nd Viscount Grimston, Baron of Dunboyne, Bart. (1711-1773)

Mother: Mary Bucknall (1717-1778)

Spouse(s): Sophia Hoare

Date of Marriage: 7 February 1783

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: St. Albans, Hertfordshire


Sophia Askell Bucknall-Grimston (1784-1859)


James Grimston, William's father was 2nd Viscount Grimston (9 October 1711 - 28 November 1773) was a British peer and Member of Parliament.

Grimston was the son of William Grimston, 1st Viscount Grimston, and Jean Cooke. He was elected to the House of Commons for St Albans in 1754, a seat he held until 1761. In 1756 he succeeded his father in the viscountcy but as this was an Irish peerage it did not prohibit him from sitting in the House of Commons.

Lord Grimston married Mary Bucknall, daughter of William Bucknall, in 1746. He died in December 1773, aged 62, and was succeeded in his titles by his son James. Lady Grimston died in 1778.

Annual Register, Volume 16 - 1773
28 November 1773. At his seat [Gorhambury] in Herefordshire, of the gout, James Grimston, Viscount Grimston, Baron of Dunboyne, and Bart. His Lordship was born 9 October, 1711, succeeded his father, William, the late and first Viscount, 15 October 1756, and married Mary, daughter of William Bucknall, of Oxhey, Esq., (which Lady was born 28 April, 1717) by whom he has issue, 1. The Hon. James Bucknall, born 9 May, 1747; 2. Jane, born 18 September, 1748; 3. William, born 23 June, 1750; 4. Harbottle, born 14 April, 1752; 5. Mary, born 28 May, 1753; 6. Susannah-Askell, born 28 September 1754; 7. Francis-Cook, born 27 March, 1757; and 8. Joanna, born 10 September, 1759.

Member of Parliament for St. Albans.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 119 - 1816
The estate of Wiggenhall, otherwise Oxey, was conveyed in 1371 by Adam Breredene, rector of St. Mary atte Hull, London, and others, to John Devereux, knight. In 1415, lands in the manor were held under the Abbot of St. Alban's by Hugh Holes, knight; and the manor continued the property of that Abbey till the Dissolution. Pedigrees of Devereux and Holes are here given.

This manor was given by Hen. VIII to James Joskyn, of London, gent, and Joan his wife; and passed from them through several successive owners to Sir William Bucknall; on the death of whose great grandson, in 1796,

"The estate came into the possession of his nephew the Hon. William Grimston, second son of James second Viscount Grimston, who, in compliance with his uncle's will, assumed the name of Bucknall. He married on the 3d of February, 1783, Sophia, daughter and coheiress of Richard Hoare, of Barham, in the County of Essex, esq. He was elected to serve in Parliament for the Borough of St. Alban, anno 24 Geo. III. and dying on the 25th of April, 1814, without issue male, was succeeded in the possession of this Manor and Estate by his next brother, the Hon. and Rev. Harbottle Grimston, who also, in compliance with the will of his maternal uncle John Askell Bucknall, assumed the name of Bucknall A.D. 1814, and is the present possessor of this Manor."

Sophia Askell Bucknall-Grimston was the only surviving child.

William Bucknall-Grimston