Birth: 27 March 1728

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Baptism: 28 March 1728

Place of Baptism: Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Death: 19 March 1795

Place or Registered Place of Death: Torrie, Fife, Scotland

Father: Colonel William Erskine (1691-1754)

Mother: Henrietta Baillie of Lamington (1693-1753)

Spouse(s): Frances Moray

Date of Marriage: 29 May 1767

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Scotland


Frances Irskine (1769-)
Sir William Erskine, 2nd Bart. (1770-1813)
Christian Erskine (1771-)
James Irskine (1772-1825)
Sir John Drummond Erskine, 4th Bart. (1776-1836)
Henrietta Erskine (1780-)
Elizabeth Erskine (1782-)
Magdalene Erskine (1787-)


The Baronetage of England, Volume 2
Erskine, Sir William, who succeeded his father, entered the army at an early period. By services of the most splendid nature he added many a wreath to his country's fame, and did honour to the noble race from whence he sprung. He served in various climes for the long period of half a century, seventeen years of which were employed in the most active campaigns, having served in the Flanders, German, and American wars, and that of the French revolution. After the war of Germany he laid at the king's feet 16 stand of colours, taken by the regiment which he commanded (the 15th light dragoons) alone ; upon which occasion, his majesty was graciously pleased to create him knight banneret (the only one of his time), and which distinction has never since been conferred on any one. He was created a bart., as above, 21 June 1791. In the eventful period of the French revolution, when the British were employed in Flanders, he exhibited a firmness and coolness beyond all praise. He, on every occasion, imparted a brilliancy to his own character, and an addition to the military reputation of England, which will belong remembered, and was, at the time, productive of the most essential benefit. He was as much beloved for his social virtues as he was esteemed and respected, even by the enemy, for his personal bravery and military talents; and it is not too much to say, that England now could boast of an officer who possessed, in a superior degree, such undeniable claims to the confidence and honours which his merits alone occasioned. He attained the rank of lieut.-gen. in the army, and col. of the 26th regiment of foot; but his most distinguished services were with the cavalry. He had received his majesty's commission to proceed to Ireland, to take upon himself the command of the troops in that kingdom, and was preparing to depart, when he was seized with a spasm, and, after a short illness, d. in the full vigour of mind and body, in the 68th year of his age.

He m., 1st, Magdalene, only child of sir Robt. Myrton, of Gogar, by whom he had one child, who d. in infancy. He M., 2dly, Frances, da. of Jas. Moray, of Abercairney, by Christian, his wife, da. to Alexander, earl of Eglinton (Jas. Moray was chief of that name, and descended from the earls of Strathern). By this 2d marriage he had 3 sons and 5 das.; 1. sir William, and 2. sir James, successive barts.; 3. John-Drummond, in the civil service of the East India company; 4. Frances, m. lieut.-gen. Wm. Wemyss, of Wemyss Castle; 5. Christian, who d. young; 6. Henrietta, d. unm.; 7. Elizabeth, m. her cousin, Jas. Moray, of Abercairney, esq.; and 8. Magdalene. Sir William d. April 1795, and was succeeded in his title and estates by his eldest son.

Colonel William Erskine, the son of Colonel William Erskine and Magdalene Lumsdane, was born at Torrie, Fife in Scotland on 16 May 1691 - he died there in about 1754.

Henrietta Baillie, the daughter of William Baillie of Lamington and Henrietta Lindsay (1671-), was born about 1693 at Lamington in Lanarkshire, Scotland and died about 1753 at Torrie in Fife, Scotland.

Colonel William Erskine and Henrietta Baillie were married at Torryburn, Fife in Scotland on 10 December 1725. Henrietta was first married to Robert Watson (1698-1722) of Muirhouse.

William Erskine, of Torrie, co. Fife, 2d son to David, lord Cardross, a person of great integrity and honour, was a colonel in the army; he served in the cavalry with distinguished reputation, and was appointed deputy-governor of Blackness Castle; he m. Magdalene, daughter to sir James Lumsdane, of Innergelly, co. Fife, major-general in the service of Gustavus Adolphus, king of Sweden, and had issue 2 sons, William and James ; the latter of whom was captain in the greys, and lost his life on service in Flanders. William, the eldest, who succeeded his father, was a colonel in the army, and lieutenant-colonel of the 7th light dragoons, which regiment he commanded during the Flanders' war, and was severely wounded at the battle of Fontenoy, from which he never recovered: he m. Henrietta, daughter and co-heiress to William Baillie, of Lamington, by lady Henrietta Lindsay, eldest daughter to William, the 15th earl of Crawford. William Baillie, of Lamington, chief of that ancient name, was paternally descended from sir Alexander Baillie, or Baliol, baron of Caires, lord chamberlain of Scotland, and a younger brother to John Baliol, lord of Galloway, father to John Baliol, king of Scotland; he was also descended from sir William Wallace, regent of Scotland in 1297, (one of the greatest patriots, warriors, and heroes, of this or any other age or country.) The Baillies, or earls of Lamington, became seated there by marriage with sir William Wallace's daughter and only child. The said William Erskine of Torrie had, by his wife, Henrietta, 1 son, William, and 2 daughters, Margaret and Henrietta : the former m. Stirling, of Keir, esq.

The children of Colonel William Erskine and Henrietta Baillie were

General Sir William Erskine (1728-1795)
Margaret Erskine (-)
Henrietta Erskine (-)

General Sir William Erskine
1st Bart. of Torrie