Birth: 23 October 1746

Place or Registered Place of Birth: Monzievaird And Strowan, Perthshire, Scotland

Baptism: 27 October 1746

Place of Baptism: Monzievaird And Strowan, Perthshire, Scotland

Death: 6 December 1800

Place or Registered Place of Death: Ochtertyre, Perthshire, Scotland

Father: Sir Patrick Murray, 4th Bart. (1707-1764)

Mother: Helen Hamilton (1720-1773)

Spouse(s): Augusta Mackenzie

Date of Marriage: 6 March 1770

Place or Registered Place of Marriage: Aucktertyre, Angus, Scotland


Sir Patrick Murray (1771-1837)
George Murray (1772-1846)
Helen Murray (1773-)
Isabella Murray (1775-1809)
Augusta Murray (1777-1846)
William Murray (1779-)
William Murray (1791-)


The Life and Works of Robert Burns.
Sir William was an amiable and intelligent country gentleman, who had already at Blair shown a friendly disposition towards the Bard. His wife, Lady Augusta - a fine looking woman in the maturity of her charms - must have been interesting to Burns from associations connected with her parentage; for she was a daughter of the insurgent Earl of Cromarty, who so narrowly escaped accompanying Kilmarnock and Balmarine to the scaffold on Tower Hill in 1746. Born a few months after that harassing time, during which her mother was anxiously engaged in pleading for the earl's life, she bore what all her friends believed to be the image of the axe upon her neck.

Sir Patrick Murray, son of Sir William Murray of Ochtertyre (1682-1739), 3rd Bart. and Catherine Fraser (1690-1771), was born at Monivaird, Perthshire in Scotland on 21 August 1707. Sir Patrick died at Ochtertyre, Perthshire in Scotland on 9 September 1764, aged 57.

Helen Hamilton, the daughter of John Hamilton and Jean Gartshore, was born about 1720 at Newton, Lanarkshire in Scotland. Helen died at Gorthie, Perthshire in Scotland on 18 July 1773.

Sir Patrick Murray and Helen Hamilton were married at Edinburgh, Midlothian in Scotland on 15 February 1741.

The children of Sir Patrick Murray and Helen Hamilton were:

Helen Murray (1742-)
William Murray (1746-1800)
Joan Murray (-)

Sir William Murray
5th Bart of Ochtertyre